How To Drastically Improve Your Adsense Income

Listen to what I found out recently.

My Adsense income wasn’t stable. It dropped to pennies sometimes. That’s not exactly what I wanted. I really wanted to earn More Adsense money.

So I investigated what my Adsense venture was lacking. Here’s the shocking secret that I found.

Sample this:
Home Mortgage
Max CPC : $28.09

Truck Accident Lawyer
Max CPC : $40.79

Insurance Settlement Loan
Max CPC : $47.07

Now which one of them is the highest paying keyword? The answer is – “Insurance Settlement loan”. Right?


Now see the complete picture :
Home Mortgage
Max CPC : $28.09
Clicks/month : 27,603
Advertisers : 242 Averagely paying $8.64 per click

insurance settlement loan
Max CPC : $47.07
Clicks/month : 6
Advertisers : 66 Averagely paying $3.58 per click

truck accident lawyer
Max CPC : $40.79
Clicks/month : 12
Advertisers : 43 Averagely paying 2.64 per click

Do you notice the differences here?

Home Mortgage has 242 advertisers fighting against each other to pay you per click higher than the other. So, thats the most paying keyword here.

98% people rely on CPC as the only criteria for judging a High Paying keyword or industry -so did I-.
And in the end are dissapointed -so was I-.

Obviously, who is going to pay you like $15 per click if there are no Advertisers bidding on a keyword?

Are you as shocked as I was to see what the real picture of keywords can look like?

Yes, there are many many keywords on Google Adwords system that have high CPC but are not profitable to target. And many keyword tools online are just befooling you.

All you need to do, with all the high paying keywords that you found, is to research for niche keywords that have a high average pay-out, build traffic and are heavily advertised.

Then you have found the most profitable keywords that you can build content with and watch your Adsense income soar!

Yes, I know it’s a tedious job, but it has to be done!

Oh, by the way, there’s a new, super tool that does this all for you. You can watch their amazing free video here.

I am sure you wont like to live on the mercy of Google anymore! Join the rest 2% people who do the research – right and get more out of Adsense!

Wishing you success,
Case Stevens

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