Imgur lets you generate traffic to your websites!

Imgur is a new player on the Net and using that site, you can generate extra traffic to your websites.

How to do that is explained below.
This tip comes from Francis Santos, writer for Benchmark Email and below is his guest post for today.

Read carefully, it can generate extra traffic to your site.

How could a business use Imgur to drive traffic to product pages?

The digital channel is in the process of another major transformation – we are now bearing witness to the rise of visual content.

Sure, graphical content has been a major component of the web from day one, and YouTube helped popularize the video trend back when it launched in 2005.
The visual element has always been there, but new services like Pinterest and Instagram are taking it to an all new level.

Now brands are finally starting to realize how essential it is to marketing. If your business believes in the power of this trend, you could possibly benefit by hopping on a new visual bandwagon called Imgur.

Imgur is Image-Sharing at It’s Best

Imgur is a relatively new service that takes a simple approach to sharing images online. Its claim to fame is providing a way for users to not only share their photos with friends, but share them on a variety of popular sites.

For example, they can post to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit, as well as blogs and discussion boards. From what we can tell, Imgur appeals to users for three reasons.

  1. It’s free
  2. Provides flexibility that enables the easy manipulation of images
  3. Has an active community

Picture sharing service

The user community is a big part of the Imgur experience, making it feel more like a social network opposed to a simple image-sharing service.
And while users are having the time of their lives using it to share and comment on photos, this service could eventually find itself in the marketing toolkits of savvy online businesses.

23,000 Views in One Day

Imgur’s potential came to our attention after reading a piece on
The article, written by Chris Crum, a regular contributor of the site, told the story of how a seller on e-commerce website Etsy leveraged it to drive 23,000 views to their product page.

At the time of writeup, the seller, referred to as Dawn, said that all those views only translated to three sales, two she was sure didn’t come from Imgur. Still – 23,000 views is impressive no matter how you slice it, and could lead to big things for businesses who know how to capitalize on all that traffic.

While there is not much information out there regarding Imgur’s use as a marketing tool, we see three ways businesses can use it to drive traffic:

  1. Follow the rules
    Imgur doesn’t have a problem with brands using the site for marketing gain – as long as they abide by the rules. So if your content is not offensive, illegal, or stolen, you should be in the clear.
  2. Post your best stuff
    The quality of your images is crucial here. Plain and simple – if it doesn’t appeal to the eye, no one is getting near your product pages.
  3. Promote
    The best place for your product images on Imgur is its “Gallery”, which conveniently showcases all the hot photos from the network. If your stuff isn’t here, it could be hard to find. You need a certain level of popularity to reach the gallery, so you should stay promoting your stuff around the web, while maintaining an active, yet non-aggressive presence there.

From the looks of it, Imgur is a potential treasure worthy of keeping an eye on. Get an early jump, and the rewards could be huge.

Imgur by Francis SantosFrancis Santos is writer for Benchmark Email, a best practices email marketing software company.

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  1. Robin says:

    I smell something like pinterest here 🙂 Imgur was a successful one in a short time like pinterest and now its time for them to consider the idea of sharing some love to webmasters like pinterest 😛



  2. lisa says:

    I hadn’t heard of Imgur before reading this post. How will you put a stop to people flooding the site with spammy affiliate links? Pinterest is really taking off at the moment, do you intend to compete or is Imgur different? I guess I best go sign up and take a look!

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