How To Squidoo For More Traffic

Squidoo is a publishing platform that allows its users to create pages on all kind of topics. These pages are called lenses.

Squidoo matters, because it is a totally free tool that you can use to promote your website(s), yourself, your own products or affiliate products.

The most important aspect of Squidoo is that it’s updated so often that Google LOVES the site. Fresh content every second. And that’s why big G indexes Squidoo lenses very fast.

That’s the main reason this site is so popular. On their home page, Squidoo says:

Share what you care about. Get found. Get followed. Get influential

Squidoo Logo
Actually, Squidoo operates as a traffic generator when you use the right keywords. To use Squidoo as such, you’d better use it well.

Therefore I have listed 8 great tips on how to Squidoo below.

  1. Make sure your page on Squidoo looks its absolute best. A polished page gets more results.
  2. Don’t be afraid to promote and market your business and website through your profile or content.
  3. Use the Flickr module to incorporate cool photos. Visually appealing lenses and modules typically have the most success.
  4. Use tags to your advantage, and do so by making the most effective tags possible using powerful wording and linking to the best sites that will get you real results.
  5. Find your voice on Squidoo. Think about who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. Brainstorm some content ideas and think about your plans in advance before setting up your profile and lenses.
  6. Update your profile to allow people to contact you so that you are available to your customers, potential clients, and anyone who wants to ask you something. Being accessible is a great way to gain a good reputation.
  7. Edit your modules so they are not just the ones generated from Squidoo. Tailor them to each lens, so it looks more through and professional.
  8. Don’t forget that spam is NOT welcome on Squidoo, and your account could be cancelled if you spam. Find out about their guidelines before publishing anything.

There you have it. Eight quick tips on how to Squidoo.

But that’s not all. I even have another 40 tips to generate more traffic from Squidoo.
You can get all 50 by just subscribing to my newsletter. After you’ve confirmed your subscription, you can download all 50 How to Squidoo traffic tactics.

If you’re not familiar with Squidoo, these tactics will short-cut your success! Implement any of these tactics to see bigger results!

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After reading these 50 high-powered Squidoo tactics let me know what you think about them.
Post your comments below.

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11 thoughts on “How To Squidoo For More Traffic

  1. Squidoo says:

    Social media is best for gaining the traffic, Its true if you are willing for the extra traffic for your site, squidoo could be the best option for it.

  2. I’ve not use Squidoo but I’ve been hearing for a while that it makes a great traffic source if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing.

    I’m hoping to get into affiliate marketing this year so will be looking at free options like Squidoo to drive traffic.

  3. Case Stevens says:

    I agree on the link juice part. Didn’t make too much money though, and gave it away, since that wasn’t my objective.

  4. Case Stevens says:

    Moving Squidoo to the top of your to-do list may be a wise thing to do.
    It has the same effect as submitting articles that link back to your site, only Squidoo links are there to stay.

  5. Case Stevens says:

    Hi AnneMarie,
    My experience with updating Squidoo lenses are good.
    Everytime you update a lens, it get’s more exposure, both from visitors as well as from Google and Squidoo itself.

    As for link juice, it’s not so much just ONE social site, but the combination of several.
    For instance, I use Squidoo and Blogger in combination with Google Alerts to send content to both and have them link to my niche sites.
    Creating such a circle is powerful. You could even add Hubpages and

  6. Tom says:

    I get some nice traffic from Squidoo. It is one of those methods that you focus on for a while, then forget about – but then it starts showing up in your traffic stats!

  7. Jim @ Tent Camping says:

    I have been debating on adding Squidoo to my (so-called) marketing campaign. The only thing holding me back is the writing – I’m not too fond of writing more than a paragraph or two. Do you know if there is a market for Squidoo freelance writers?

  8. Case Stevens says:

    Your lens that has a PR of 5 and some others I saw with good PR proves enough Shea. Seems you’re successful at Squidoo.
    I noticed you use Amazon to monetize them. Any other means of making money?

  9. This is what makes the web cool: people sharing what they know in a straightforward, linear manner. I’ve been wanting to maximize my backlinking with Web 2.0 properties but I was not sure if my efforts would be worthwhile. After reading this article, I think it will. Thanks for the specifics too in this post.

    Glenn R.

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