How To Realize Product Creation By A Group

In my post last Friday, I talked about the $100 A Day Ebook that we are creating at The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

The status of the project changes every day/hour, as new members read about it in the forum and still want to participate.
That IS possible, we’re very flexible. Some want to do the same as others do and until now, we’re able to fit them in.

As of this moment, we have 18 people writing a chapter about making that 100 bucks a day.
A special condition was set that every author had to write their information based upon actual experience, that is, indeed earned $ 100 a day with what he or she was writing about. Otherwise we would have had many more.

Also, some 14 people are involved in other tasks, necessary to finish the project successfully, like proofreading, graphics, infrastructure, autoresponder series, sales letter, etc.

That’s over 30 people involved!

And a lot of members are just watching. They want to see it happen.

There are two important conditions to be met to end such a project with great success.

1. Firm leadership
2. Strict planning.

I’ve seen many projects fail, because the leadership wasn’t firm (enough).
Fortunately, Willie Crawford is project leader here. His reputation and the good will of the participants to work with Willie make this a success.
There’s (a lot of) room for discussion, and on many occasions Willie starts one himself, but once he has made a decision, it’s final.

The strict planning is to keep momentum.
As soon as a great idea is published, everyone is enthusiastic about it. One great suggestion after the other, often resulting in future project ideas, are posted. It acts like a virus and causes an ecstatic state of mind among the posters.

It’s exactly on THAT moment, that you have to jump in by immediately creating a planning, an overview (project status) of tasks to be performed and by whom and create a universal format for the product (18 authors means 18 different formats, no matter what you tell them to do).

You want to keep momentum.

At certain points it will get difficult, especially when deadlines must be met.
That’s why it is also very important for the project leader or coordinator, to give as much feedback as possible.
You want your team to stay motivated.

That’s exactly what we are accomplishing right now at The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.
It’s always a pleasure to see this work well. Gives you a sort of ‘kick’.

If you would like to participate in the next project (there are some great ideas already) then join us now.

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