How To Market With Autoresponders

There are a few POWERFUL ways to market with autoresponders.

First, there’s the after-sales follow up.

After the payment procedure is successfully completed, you present a form to the buyer to sign up for your follow up series.

It is of the utmost importance, that you realize the emotional state your buyer is in right now.
She just took a very nasty decision: paying for your product. On the other hand, she’s curious to learn about that product and wants to have it, RIGHT NOW!

And here you are with a form she has to fill in, and a confirmation link to click before she can download your product.
Hurdles, hurdles …

So that’s why, right after filling in the form, you should tell her
1. that she just made the right decision and
2. the WHY of this procedure.

That’s where the redirect-URL in the form comes in.
THAT is the page to re-assure her that she just made a perfect purchase and that you’re going to make sure she gets the most out of it.
You also explain that it only takes 30 seconds to confirm the form in order to prevent theft and that, after confirmation, she’ll be able to download her product and bonuses immediately.

Mind you, it would be very wise to mention this process in your sales page to avoid any complaints!

Now, if you’re smart (and as far as I can see, you are!), you use the first email in the series, that is send immediately, again to re-assure her purchase, give the download links for the product and bonusses, AND offer some extra, unadvertised bonuses in the follow up messages.

Thus you accomplish a few things: she’s happy with her purchase, she can download the stuff immediately AND she’s still waiting for more to come. That means you are over-delivering and that on its turn means less or no refunds. It will cost you some extra product, but it’s very worth while since it keeps the customer satisfied.

In the second email that you send out next day, you only ask if everything went ok.
If the download went all right and if she was able to browse through the product and bonuses.
Tell her not to panic in case anything went wrong. Offer her your support email address to get help any time and to get back to her as soon as possible.

Then repeat some of the main features from your sales pages, so she will recognize why exactly she has bought your product.

Repeat your main benefits in your third email. Ask her if she already had found some time to explore these main benefits. Tell her what the product will do for her if she’s using them.
Include an unadvertised bonus as a way of thanking her again for buying your product.

In the fourth email, send after a couple of days, you only offer your personal help.
Nothing else!
Just your personal help AND your personal email address (not support or helpdesk).
Use your name as the first part of that email address, so it indeed looks personal.
Tell her she can always contact you in case of any troubles or questions and if she does… SOLVE THEM! Make it personal.

All of this is done in the first week.

Now you can let it go a bit and slowly work towards your back-end products. Make valuable content your priority thought and alternate every now and then with a back-end offer.

Remember, always offer your back-end products on a day that is a multiple of seven. That’s exactly the day that your customer bought your front end product and it seems a great moment for her to sit behind the computer and react to offers made to her.

Before you do, you can add one unadvertised bonus in exchange for a testimonial. It’s a great way to get glowing recommendations.

Ok, that’s it.
This is sales follow up, reassuring, offering help and selling backend products on AUTOPILOT.
That is, fully automated. Powerful stuff! That’s email marketing on crack.

One more important tip: if someone ever ask a question or has a remark, using your autoresponder’s ‘from’ address, ALWAYS answer such email with a personal touch.
I’ve personally experienced, time and time again, that people, specifically in the Internet Marketing niche, don’t expect such an answer. They’re frustrated and send the email anyway, without expecting too much. Answering these emails has brought me many great customers!

In the next issue we’ll see other powerful ways of marketing using autoresponders, but first let’s look at building a list using autoresponders.

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