Want to learn how to make more sales?

Want to learn how to make more sales?
Well, guess the answer to that is obvious right?

Here’s the solution:
Improve your copy writing!

Guess that’s a no-brainer too, but wait ….
it’s with a reason I mention this.

You see, if you’re like me you read every book or report you can get your hands on.
And as soon as we’re finished, we again know what’s so important and what template we have to use for our sales pages.

But does it really work?
Is it really that great?
Could it be improved?
What else can we test?
Is the offer compelling enough?

The big question is: how does a great copywriter write a sales letter?

I have an answer!

Because I will show you a free recording, not from just another great copywriter, but from one of the very best!

He calls himself ‘Sir Gary of Halbert’.

His real name is Gary Halbert.
Gary likes to brag and exaggerate. He’ll explain you why.

He also runs a newsletter. Nothing special you say?
Well, that’s only because you may not know that he is the only guy on the whole Internet who DOESN’T USE A SIGN UP FORM to get subscribers.
He has an announcement list, but you don’t HAVE to subscribe to it to read his letters (although I strongly suggest you do, so you’ll never miss one).
You simply can read them online. And lots and lots of people do! Not just for the content, but also to study his writing.

That’s how good a copy writer Gary is.

The recording was meant to answer questions.
But Gary just loves to talk when he’s in the right mood.
And this recording is such a ‘right mood’ situation.

You will learn:
– how to immediately triple your response, tested by the famous Claude Hopkins (and of course Sir Gary of Halbert)
– about two completely different letters you can write your mother one of which is really, really shocking
– what you want to be in order to write sales letters that really pull
– what you need to know to write great copy
– the difference between efficiency and effectiveness
– the final answer to the famous question: long or short copy
– what you need to avoid hype copy
– the biggest mistake copy writers make
– what part of a letter you should write first
– and much more.

Gary gets many of his point accros telling amusing stories. So it’s also fun to listen to the recording.

But the real value here is to get inside the mind of one of the best copy writers around.
So, switch that stupid tv set off and get online.

Hop over to:
The Gary Halbert Letterl

Read the info there, scroll down to the bottom and after signing up for the announcement list at the right, click on ‘Click Here To View Our Newsletter Archive’.
That takes you to a new page. At the top left click ‘Free Gold From Gary’.
It’s worth while.


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