How To Easily Rewrite PLR (Private Label Content)

I have tons of so called PLR (Private Label Rights) content stored on my disk.
I use a lot of them to create my own articles and reports.

For instance, if you’re familiar with ‘Bum’ marketing, you know just how powerful of a system it can be for generating income without any upfront investment!
But in order to bring home the bacon with the system, you have to like articles. Actually let me rephrase that — you have to *love* articles! You have to either compose lots of them, or find packs of ‘private label rights’.

I’m a member of many sites that deliver PLR. It’s so easy to join such sites. Content is always useful, but it’s also very easy to download everything, store it on a PC and do nothing with that information.

Is that you?

I use that content to create my own. I use the PLR products as a template and change at least 30% of it. At least!
The problem however is, that you have to sit down, read the darn stuff, think about changes or incorporating your own opinion and then rewrite those articles or reports to avoid duplicate content.
That’s just boring.

Recognize that?

Well, let me help you a little bit then.
Because revising articles and reports just got a good deal easier! I’ve discovered an uncomparable software package that makes revising articles a downright piece of cake! And contrary to most other article revising platforms that are “child’s play” to use, this one develops articles that people will really would like to read, and it will do it altogether very quickly!

Do I have your attention? 🙂

This little tool might just be the perfect article rewriting tool. It’s powerful, easy to use, and currently being offered at a very special price!

But don’t take my word for it.

Click the link below to watch this great video that shows you how it works and how easy it is to use.

Then, download a free fully-functional 2 week trial and see for yourself! If you have anything to do with revising articles, then you’re gonna love this great PLR rewriting tool.

Watch the video and get your copy here.

It’s EASY and FAST!

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5 thoughts on “How To Easily Rewrite PLR (Private Label Content)

  1. I am also using PLR content, but I have only been using it on my blog. I have been a little too afraid to get banned from various article directories, and that’s why I haven’t submitted any of my PLR articles anywhere other than my blog.

    How much rewrite do you think that you need to do not to get banned from ezine articles?

    I have heard that you should at least rewrite it to be 30% different than the original, but I am not sure.

  2. So, you don’t publish any PLR articles? You only read them?

    I have just started using PLR content, and I have published a few posts using PLR.

  3. Case Stevens says:

    @Jens I’ve also been told that it should at least be 30%, but…

    I never re-write PLR articles for my blog.
    You see, any PLR article that you can get your hands on, will be published unchanged by some idiot rather sooner than later.
    Publishing such an article on my blog, even when it’s changed more than 30%, unveils its origin. Bad thing!

    I only use them as a form of inspiration, when necessary.
    I rather write my own posts and articles.

  4. Case Stevens says:

    I never publish PLR articles, but I do use them in background information pages that I send subscribers to.

  5. Thanks.

    I should probably do that too. I have only published about 2 articles on my blog so far.

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