How To Change Email Addresses

Last week I was a victim of a joe job.
That’s where a spammer uses your domain name in the from-field of a spam broadcast. They use software to insert that data.

You will notice by the bounces emails you receive. Emails that I’ve never written are sent to address that I do not know about. Yet, when such an address doesn’t exists, I will get a notice for that.
That’s how you discover how someone abused your domain name.

I immediately informed my host and my registrar, just to be sure that they wouldn’t delete my accounts. Doing that isn’t really necessary if they are good, because from the email headers they already can tell I didn’t send the spam emails. Just wanted to be sure.

As a result of that abuse, I had to close many email accounts at that domain.
Before doing that, I wanted to change the email addresses of newsletters and customer lists that I was subscribed to that I received on those addresses. Otherwise, all publishers of these ezines would receive bounce messages. Besides that, I also wanted to keep most subscriptions.

To my surprise, many of the messages that are sent to you do NOT contain a link where you can change your email address. They all contained a link to UNsubscribe, but that wasn’t my goal.

Strangely enough, Email Aces, a great autoresponder service, doesn’t support that either. Once in the ‘update’-section you can change all your data, except your email address. I understand they are careful, but changing your email addy, if necessary followed by a confirmation email, should be possible.

Now, you could unsubscribe and subscribe again for a newsletter if you can find the subscription page, but being on a customer list that is sending updates and new releases is a whole other matter.

So, I sent an email to those that didn’t offer the possibility to change an email address, using the ‘reply’ address included in the message IF that was possible. Some of them have a ‘no-reply’ address in there. And some of these sent you to a support form where I had to submit a ticket.

I’ve done that all and most changed my address.

As a spin-of of such an exercise, you can immediately recognize who has the best customer support service. If you get an email back within the hour, containing:

“Hi Case,
No worries, it’s all been updated!
Best wishes,”

then you know this publisher is on top of things.

Some don’t even bother to answer. Or maybe they just didn’t get the email. Ah well, makes my inbox somewhat less crowded.
But I still think it’s strange.
What’s your take on this? Submit your comments.

That friendly email came from Sam Stephens, owner of DLGuard, a splendid piece of software that guards all your downloads. And, as said above, Sam’s support is really outstanding. You really should check it out!

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One thought on “How To Change Email Addresses

  1. Case Stevens says:

    >Sorry it happened to you but thanks for the reminder
    You’re welcome Anita.

    And yes, Aweber handles the job of changing email addresses fine and without any problems.

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