The Key To Home Business Success Part 1

Today’s guest post is by Mark Clayson.

Mark is a physician, professional appraiser and mentor. As an online entrepreneur he helps people starting work on the internet and provides professional coaching services for individuals and businesses.

One of Mark’s favorite topics is the home business. So, here goes.

Succeeding in Home Business Part 1

So, you want to be in business. If the answer is “yes” then you are in good company. Thousands of people every day make the same decision in the knowledge that if they were to succeed they might free themselves from the shackles of the daily grind that is their day job.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss. Many people make a tremendous success of it. Yet, up to 90% of people fail. It is disappointing because there is room for all of us – both online and off – in this world.

But why do we fail? People tend to cite several reasons and I am sure they all have some validity. Time can be important and, of course, money is often crucial. But these are mere sideshows to the real reason.

That real reason is mindset.

What goes on in your mind determines what goes on in your life. It is true. Before you wonder, I am not talking about invisible “laws of attraction” or other nebulous concepts. But rather the way you perceive yourself and those around you.

If you perceive yourself to be ugly, you will never have confidence in public. If you perceive yourself to be overweight then you will never feel comfortable on the beach.

Similarly, if you perceive yourself to be a failure then you WILL fail.

You WILL fail.

Mindset management is the foundation to all of your future successes. Your mind controls what you think AND do.

The mind is power – RAW power and it is ready to crush you.

But, there is good news. No, GREAT news! Because, just as the mind is ready to crush you, it is also ready to empower you.

If you can overcome your negative barriers and start thinking “I can” then you will become more powerful and successful.

Do you ever remember the first time you rode a bike without the little stabilising wheels that children use? I remember it very well. I felt so insecure even with my mom holding on to me that I thought I would never be able to ride alone. But, like you, I made it.

Yet, that feeling of insecurity and vulnerability has been refashioned and regenerated time and time again over the years. In my professional career, for example. I am sure you have experienced the same feelings as well.

I well remember the first few times I tried to play the guitar. How on earth could both of my hands be doing different things at the same time? How could my hopeless little fingers press the correct strings quickly and accurately enough for me to be able to fashion a discernible tune?

Since then I have played successfully both at home and in public and the whole process is automatic. But what if I had just given up at that seemingly impossible stage? You will have had similar experiences.

My mindset for guitar playing has shifted and I am free from the negativity that I once had. You can shift YOUR mindset too.

Starting an online business begins with this shift in mindset.

To be continued…

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