Super Mentor Holly Cotter says: Diversify

Holly Cotter emphasized diversification of your income streams. They should comprise of adsense, affiliate programs and your own products and be a good mix of those three.

Holly personally has experienced a drop in Adsense income from 10,000$ a month to close to nothing, just because her Adsense site got delisted in Google. That make her think twice about putting all your eggs in one basket.

Fortunately she had other streams of income, but this experience was reason enough for her to diversify everything like affiliate programs, affiliate products and even companies selling these affiliate products.

Good advice for anyone using solid, successful long term internet marketing strategies.
holly cotter, ultimate mentor
I’m a member of her Ultimate Mentor 101 program where you can get the same high quality advice from Holly, someone who knows exactly what’s she’s doing and what works and what doesn’t.
I had the pleasure of having dinner with Holly last night and she’s the nicest and most helpful person you can imagine. Holly shares!
If you’re looking for a mentor, then you’ve found the right place here.

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