Green Mobile Phones and 6 Ways to Save Money

While green mobile phones are a hot topic nowadays, using them can cost you dearly.

That’s why I turned to Spencer Hogg, the broadband expert, again.
I asked him if there are ways to save money using green mobile phones.

Fortunately Spencer knew a few tricks and he turned them into today’s guest post.

Here goes.
Enjoy and save money!

Green mobile phones are hot these days.

Mobiles have become almost as necessary as water and electricity in our homes.

Two of the most important concerns on our minds when it comes to everyday life are money and environment, and there is no less worry when it comes to something like a mobile.

Unfortunately, both the ecological and financial costs associated with green mobile phones can build up quickly.

green mobile phones
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There are some great ways to cut down on these costs, though.

  1. Recycle your mobile phone.

    It is estimated that 2.25 million tons of electronic waste goes into landfills each year, and much of this is highly toxic.

    If you plan on buying a new phone, make sure that you find a way to recycle the old one. You can do this by selling it to someone who needs it. Or donate it to a charitable organization. Or take it to a large chain store to have it recycled. Some mobile service providers that sell phones will buy them back and give you a significant amount of money off of your new phone.

  2. If you are considering switching mobile service providers, ask your prospective provider about SIM only plans. This will let you use the phone that you already have with the new provider, instead of switching to a new phone.

    SIM only plans are a great value, since they are usually less expensive than a standard plan where you have to buy a new device. By keeping your current mobile phone, you will also be using less material that goes into the electronics.

  3. Do a bit of research on both your service provider and the manufacturer of the mobile phone that you want. You should make sure that both have a good ecological track record before giving your money to them. By withholding your money from companies that don’t consider or care for the environment, you are encouraging them to improve their practices.
  4. Think about your energy usage. Do some online research on the phones that you are considering before buying them. You can compare how much energy different mobile phones use during charging. As well as find chargers that use renewable energy, such as kinetic and solar power.

    If the phone and charger that you choose have to plug into your power outlet, be sure that you do not leave the charger plugged up constantly. Chargers use up power even when the phone is not attached.

  5. Check that you are using enough of the minutes and texts that you are allowed to justify being on a plan with so many. If you have many minutes or texts left over, it might be worth it to you to go down to a less expensive plan. If you find that you do have quite a bit left over, ask your provider for a downgrade. Often, you can negotiate for a better deal on your plan.
  6. Keep your eyes open for cashback opportunities. Websites that keep track of cashback opportunities will often keep a list of mobile phone providers that pay a certain commission when site viewers click on a link. In return, the cashback site will pass the commission on to the consumers.

    Some retailers pay a certain percentage of how much you spend and others pay fixed sums. This can earn you some good deals, if you work them correctly.

Article written by Spencer Hogg from the UK website Sim Only where SIM only deals and plans can be compared.

Do you know of more ways to save money using green mobile phones?
Post your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Green Mobile Phones and 6 Ways to Save Money

  1. Com says:

    The best way I think is to re-use or if not, recycle. And this is not just for mobile phones but all other electronic devices. Discarding them should not always be an option. This is the best way to save and help nature.

  2. Micky says:

    Well I think another way to save money and help the environment is to consume much less than now.
    I don;t know why the phones are getting bigger and with complex features and all manufacturer is advertising to buy more and more newer models.
    Phone is for talking and SMSing, nothing more.

  3. logs says:

    I think its much better to donate it to other people who are willing to have a mobile for communication purpose but they don’t have enough money to buy one on there own, like people who are living in Asia or Africa. Although recycling is not a bad idea but sometimes there are certain components that can damage our environment during the recycling process which in turn becomes harmful for the environment.

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