Google Purchases about to launch?

I think Google is on to something new. It may be the launch of Google Wallet or Google Purchases as the official name may be.

If you login at your Google Adwords account, you will see a message that soon you have to use Google Accounts to login.
They may be optimizing their login procedure to make it a one click access to all Google features, so if you don’t have a Google Account already, it’s time to sign up for one, but ….

there’s more….

On June 18th I made a post in this blog about Google announcing a new payment system.

Now, have you ever tried to read the robots text file at Google?

Use this URL:

Interesting is, that they disallow google/purchases there.

What does that mean?

Don’t know, but maybe Google Purchases, formerly known as Google Wallet is getting closer.

Here’s a post on Danny Sullivan’s SearchEngineWatch about Google Wallet .

Right now, the URL redirects to Google Accounts, but that hasn’t been the case in the past.

Here’s an article that shows where that google/purchase used to go to:

Better keep an eye on this, may be important.


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