Google Panda phobia: 7 SEO tips to get over it

In February 2011, Google launched a search toolbar named Google panda.

Google panda is actually algorithmic program, based on the process of Artificial Intelligence. It is a new search tool bar that would rank the status of your site accordingly.

If your site is of supreme quality, then it would be rated on the top. On the contrary, if it is of low quality, it would be rated below.

Recently Google panda received a setback. In fact due to incessant poor service, many owners of the sites have launched complain against Google’s inefficiency. This news is devastating for Google. This has left Google panda in a precarious condition.

In my opinion, apart from taking help of Google panda, you can do it on your own. There are few facts, which you need to consider improving the overall look and feel of your site. The following are the 7 SEO tips to get rid of the problem.

Google Panda expects effective and lengthy content

Several seo sites where you need to follow the instructions strictly. The length of the content is very vital. However, you would see that they tell you that content should not exceed more than 500 words.

In reality, if you really want to improve the condition of your site then you need not to pay heed to word limit. You have to write powerful, effectively and lengthy content that would reflect your conciseness.

In case if your page exceeds more than certain word limit. Then you should definitely reform the page. You have to decide how many sub headings you are going to give along with pictures. Try to highlight the prominent areas.

Make worthy content

You should consider the quality of your site. If your site looks too much messed up with useless contents, then it is better to wipe off them.
You should also pay importance to enhance the quality of the content. It is always better on your part to update the contents frequently. You should not attach too much of adds. As it distracts the concentration from the original content, it is always good to refrain from using contents that are available automatically.

Google panda
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Opt for a primary link profile

You could make your site more popular by linking to some other innumerable sites.
One thing you should always remember the linking, which you are going to do, should be trust worthy. You should judge them by its authenticity. You should not bother regarding the traffic at all. Very shortly, you would see that readers would praise your effort. In fact panda gives the positive result to the people.

Enrich your kingdom of knowledge

In this new era of internet, you need to enrich your sites with many things to increase the viewers.
You should add more pictures.
You could also make a blog-posting corner along with forums.
You should also give option of sharing through the social network like Facebook.
You should use your creativity to embellish your site. Even you could also go for regular video updates. This would definitely grow interest in people.

Give importance to keywords

Previously, there was a taboo in Seo techniques that you had to choose two or three times the same word. You had to forcefully, insert them in between the sentences and had to bold them.
However, Google panda do not appreciate this form. Now also you need to highlight the keywords but you should let it happen very normally. It is appreciable and Google compliments you by giving a good post.

Give importance to navigation

You should always remember to make the contents easy and searchable.
If a user has to strive a lot after your site for understanding how to use, then it is embarrassing. Always try to keep the contents rationally organized with no flaws.

Do not use Short cuts

You all know that shortcut is not the key to success. If you really want a good ranking then please stop using short cut methods.
You should not get prey to plagiarism.
You should try to use fresh and valuable contents.
Restructure your contents in an informative way that would compel users to go through you site. Google would also reward you with good ranking.

Guys, hope you have understood well what you need to do to make your cite the cynosure amongst millions. You should definitely follow these tips to get higher ranking.

Alyssa Clarke is a blogger and a tech lover. She is always on a look out for latest gadgets, apps and video games. She is currently hunting for some cool 3D car racing games and portable printers.

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    Google Panda become the headache for internet marketing experts but the guidelines and tips that are mentioned are really helpful and necessary to escape from the bad effects of google panda. I started to optimize my website with new guidelines like fresh content become the first priority of search engine so i transferred my many sites from php to wordpress platform so a visitor can help me to keep me a fresh content website.

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