Google Maps impressive

Have you discovered Google Maps already?

Try it. Go to

You’ll see a map of the US and above that a search box.

I tried to locate an address of a friend of mine near Richmond. Google Maps found it easily.
While I was looking for the exact address, I typed in Richmond, Virginia.
I should have gone to Midlothian, Virginia, so I typed that next.
The Google Map slid to the south west. Impressive!
Try it.

(Holding your mouse button down allows you to slide Google Maps around.
Double clicking centers the map.)

Also try this one: hotels on International Drive in Orlando.
You will see some of them marked on the map and listed on the right sidebar.
Clicking them pops up a window with more information.
Other searches I did with Google Maps:
– steakhouse dallas
– golfcourses Tucson
from there Telegraph Hill doesn’t work, but it does after
– IBM San Jose

How ’bout this one: CIA Poughkeepsie
(ah, it’s The Culinary Institute of America where they serve great meals!)

You can get directions too!

It’s fun moving around Google Maps. Only for the US, unfortunately!


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