Google to Pay $90M in Click Fraud Case

According to Associate Press writer Michael Liedtke Google is about to pay $90M in a click fraud case filed in Arkansas.

Google publishes about this case on their own blog at and that’s kind of interesting.
Because, as a result of this case, in an agreement Google is “going to open up that window for all advertisers who claim to have been charged but not reimbursed for invalid clicks dating from 2002”.

In the agreement, Google (who talks about ‘the problem of invalid clicks’ rather than click fraud) maximizes the total amount of credits, including attorneys fees at $90 million. That’s only about 1% of their total revenues in the last four years.

Nevertheless Google makes a gesture to its advertisers. And that’s key in this case, because advertisers can’t do anything about click fraud but stop advertising, which would have a sincere impact on the Google income system.
This settlement certainly wants to avoid that.

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