New Google Adwords Tool

Google just announced their newest product AdWords Editor.

Adwords Editor is a free account management application that you can download on your computer.
It enables you to download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns.
This new Google Adwords tool makes it easy for you to maintain your account quickly and easily, to make bulk changes to keywords, ads and CPC’s and upload them again into your Adwords account.

However ….

it’s still in Beta. And currently only available for invited beta participants.
I guess if you want to participate you can always send a request to the Google Support center.

But maybe you should wait a bit and see what happens.
If this comes out of Beta, it may very well be a super time saver since the online account management always is a bit slow. And you have a backup of all your campaigns!

For more information check out Google AdWords Editor

Case Stevens

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