The Revenge of the AdSense Zombie

How to Wake Up and Start Marketing on the Internet

I’m going to assume your AdSense ads are wrapped around your articles and posts, ok?

In order to make a buck with Adsense, you need to select high-paying keywords, drive plenty of traffic to your Adsense blog or site (the more the merrier), and test the layout to figure out which produces the most clicks.

Generally this means placing your ads where your visitors can’t miss them (e.g., top left or in the middle of a post or article), making your ads blend in with the content, and even placing pictures near your ads to draw your visitor’s eyes to them.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Standard stuff if you’re dipping your toes in the AdSense pool.

But here’s another consideration: are your visitors MOTIVATED to click?
Sure, there’s a certain percentage of people online who will probably click on anything. But you’ll make more money if your visitors need and want information or products RIGHT NOW.

For example, let’s suppose you have a site for model trains.
Since it’s a site related to a hobby, many of the folks are probably fanatics and rather loyal customers. They’re fanatics, so they’re probably click happy when they see something that interests them. Ho hum, ok. You’ll probably pick up some extra coin and a loyal base if you provide good content.

Now instead imagine that you had a site related to unusual genital discharge.

Yuck, right?

If YOU had unusual discharge coming from your private parts, you probably won’t be leisurely browsing a site.

Heck no! You will be clicking around like a madman until you find your solution!

And so will your visitors. That’s AdSense and affiliate link “cha ching!” when you have visitors who are foaming at the mouth for solutions!

So think about situations that would cause people to click around in a panic — either from desperation, fear or because the topic is emotionally charged:

=> Hair lice
=> Fleas
=> Diseases and symptoms, especially those of a private nature
=> Even more desperate – childhood illnesses
=> Cheating spouse
=> Pet with tapeworms
=> Really controversial topics like abortion
=> Identity theft
=> Legal matters like being sued, bankruptcy, etc
=> Terrorism and disaster
=> Anything new that people want to research, especially where curiosity creates clicks (like rumors)

In short, finding topics like the above will improve your click-through ratio.

You can further improve it by making sure that you DON’T solve your visitor’s problems.
Don’t have comprehensive articles on your site/blog that solve everything and save the day. Leave your visitor hanging.
They’ll naturally see that your AdSense ads and affiliate links are the solution. Blend those ads into your content, and your visitor won’t even realize they’re clicking on an ad.

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2 thoughts on “The Revenge of the AdSense Zombie

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Actually the basics are simple.
    Find a need, pain or strong desire and get in front of the masses.
    And the next step, after offering the cure, is to offer a solution to prevent it from happening again.

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