4 Tips to Create a Successful Google Adsense Site

Many people try to earn money online using a Google Adsense site.

Setting up an Adsense site is a rather easy way to create an income stream.

Yet many of these people don’t realize how to really create a successful one.

That’s where Internet marketer Neil Jones comes in. He wrote today’s guest post about the topic.

I’ll let Neil tell his story.

Google Adsense site
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There are a number of things that are key when building a successful Google Adsense site and most of these go against the grain of everything we have learned about affiliate marketing.

It’s a numbers game:
When promoting a product as an affiliate marketer, you want a keyword that is easy to rank for and your goal should be to hit the number 1 spot.

When building a Google Adsense site, you want keywords that have a lot of searches every month but your goal isn’t necessarily to get the number 1 spot.
It should be rank above the fold for that keyword and many others.

When playing the numbers game you need a lot of traffic to make an Adsense site work and to find keywords and niches that have this traffic you are going to have to look at some of the more competitive markets out there.

Keyword selection:
Affiliate marketers look for buying keywords, Adsense marketers look for information based keywords, which are usually easier to rank for.

Keyword selection is an important first step with either of these sites but they should be performed in different ways.

When selling a product you want to target people that are close to buying and then your goal should be to give them the final push over the line. This is often reflected in your selection of keywords which are often very specific, have a moderate monthly search volume and relatively easy to rank well for.

Adsense sites differ in that you need to target either a niche as a whole or a large sub set of that niche. By doing this you are ensuring that there are a significant amount of searchers every month and it will make it easier to write content on a wider variety of subjects and still remain relevant to that niche.

It is also important to have a good idea of the average CPC you will receive, you should be aiming for a minimum click value of .50 cent and obviously more is better.
Remember that this is split between you and Google, who stated that the revenue is split 60:40, we get the 60%.

The website:
Affiliate sites are there for one reason, to sell a product and everything is targeted towards that goal, especially the sales copy.

Adsense sites are there to provide information to the searcher, in many cases getting clicks on your ads will come second to providing your readers with informative and useful articles.

For one reason or another most affiliate sites tend to be small, either they run out of stuff to write about or they have built enough landing pages to cover what they need.

For an Adsense site again its back to a numbers game, you goal is to build you site into an authority in your market place and the best way to do this is with a lot of content that is relative to your niche and keyword selection.

Playing the numbers game will also help your cash flow, having 100 pages that make you 50 cent a day is always going to be better than a site with 50 pages all making you 50 cents a day.

Link building:
No matter which type of site you choose, building links is inevitable, they are simply a fact of life for any online marketer.

Where the 2 types of site tend to differ is that the affiliate will usually have a lot more manufactured or artificial links.
Whereas authority Adsense sites can have a much more natural feel because other sites will often freely link to an authority site that can provide its readers with more relevant information, this is not usually the case with an affiliate site.

Manual link building is still an important aspect of both sites but it Is much easier for an Adsense site to pick up links naturally. Adsense sites also fare much better when using their content as link bait.


To make a Google Adsense site work takes a lot of time, effort and content.

But it also has one big advantage: It can stand the test of time!

If it takes you 6 months of hard work to build a big site that eventually turns out to be an authority in its niche, that site will continue to continue to generate a steady stream of revenue for the next year ,2, 3, 4 or ever 5 years without the need for you to constantly add content and build links.

Guest post by Neil Jones who is an internet marketer but is currently working as head of marketing for eMobileScan. One of the Uks leading Barcode reader and handheld computers specialists


So, what’s your take on creating a successful Google Adsense site?
Post your comments below.

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9 thoughts on “4 Tips to Create a Successful Google Adsense Site

  1. sanny says:

    Really great tips here for adsense. Thanks Neil for sharing your views with us. I would like to ask should I focus on 5-6 keywords in first page position of should I have to go with one keyword with 1st position? What will be good for adsense?

  2. Flavio says:

    I liked your article. I agree with you. This is a really numbers game, and in my opinion, each day that passes is increasingly difficult! Iam in this business at 2/3 years and the struggle is enormous.But I’ll never give up. One day I will crack the solution to profit. Best regards.

  3. Rob says:

    The thing that catches me out sometimes is that there might be literally nobody bidding on a key phrase using adwords for content, but plenty on adwords for search.

    eg. you might do your research with all the relevant tools find the keywords and the cpc look good, when you google for the relevant phrases then there are LOADS of adverst on the google search results page but then when you actually build the site then you get rubbish adverst being served.

    My solution is to set up a quick blogger blog and stuff it with keywords just to see what adverts google matches up with them and if it looks like it’s worth proceeding.

  4. Pete says:

    Keyword selection is pretty huge. You also want to familiarize yourself with your Ad Sense account and take advantage of the filtering options provided. With respect to “your” site, definitely add start and end tags around the content you’d like Google’s Ad Sense bot to crawl. If you are really smart about the content you create and you wrap it with those tags Ad Sense will deliver or render the most relevant ads every time. Gd luck to folks trying this out, it’s fun and rewarding once the passive income starts flowing.

    Best wishes,


  5. Fred says:

    Rob’s comment is dead on:
    “The thing that catches me out sometimes is that there might be literally nobody bidding on a key phrase using adwords for content, but plenty on adwords for search.”

    Plus, it’s getting harder and harder to get an adsense site to pull much revenue. Too many people building too much junk!

  6. Sarah Harris says:

    While keywords are important, I think there is too much emphasis on them. Don’t spend too much time searching for the right keywords. Gather together about 5-10 that work best and just create great content that uses them as often as possible.

    Definitely hard work and persistence is the name of the game when it comes to getting backlinks and link building. But it’s necessary to get the results in the long run. Just stick with it!

  7. Eddie Hunter says:

    Just a note of caution to anyone wanting to use google adsense. Don’t do what I did and get yourself banned within 2 days of opening an account. I ticked the box stating that I had read all the advertising policies (which, like most people, I hadn’t)and then proceeded to unwittingly break lots of rules.
    I tried to reason with them through emails and say that I was new (which was true) and that I didn’t fully understand the rules. I promised I’d be really careful not to wander out of bounds ever again, but it made no difference, and they just kept sending me the same stock reply ‘we did not take the decision lightly’ blah blah. In short, I believe I’m banned for life with no hope of reprieve.
    My advice is…read the advertising criteria policy BEFORE you tick the box.

  8. Henry Bolden says:

    I haven’t been in the adsense game long, but seems almost impossible to make any decent profits from it. I’ve tried it all from switching my ad locations,changing the color,etc. This post gives me some new ideas regarding adsense and I’m ready to put them to test. Appreciate this post on adsense, my epic fail so far.

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