Best Place Adsense Ads – Google Adsense Quick Tips 1

When you are running an AdSense campaign, it is important to make sure that you are testing all of the different possibilities to ascertain that you are getting the highest click through rate.

For instance you could try placing the ads in different places on your site and using different color combinations.

Then run one ad format for a week, then run the second format and compare results.
Better yet, test the formats simultaneously and start getting side by side results to compare.

Just be sure to allow each test the same amount of time to work to make sure that your results are equal.

Although testing is necessity, there are certain areas for your ads that are thought to be more likely to encourage a greater click through than others.

It is a proven fact that, one place the visitors look first on the site is the top left position. But there are other places to consider depending on your site design. For instance, above the page footer and below the top-level navigation are good.
And near the middle with the main content wrapped around the ad is thought to be optimum.

Take a look in the help files inside your Google Adsense account and you will find the latest research plus heat maps suggesting the best locations to place your ads.

Try it and stay tuned, because I have another quick Adsense tip soon!

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