Good Stuff I Found Last Week

I’ve been reading, viewing, listening and studying a lot this week. I had bought several new products and was curious to find out more, so I decided to test them all. There’s some good stuff amongst these products. I’ll post about some of them in another issue.

Meanwhile I was trying to keep up with all the posts of my colleagues. And, as usual, I found some good stuff there too, stuff that I want to share with you.

Willie Crawford

My long time friend Willie Crawford published an outstanding post about How To Outsource Your Traffic Generation For Free. It’s an audio recording that teaches you a deadly simple way to have other people send traffic to your site. Grasp this and you’ll know why Willie earns tons of money (literally) and you can too (a bit less maybe, but good enough).


Another great resource I discovered online was a guest post by David Risley on David is trying to explain the difference in Internet Marketers and Bloggers when it comes to create a full time income with blogging.
I liked the article very much. Even if you don’t agree, it shines another light on why some people are so successful, while others are not.
Check it out. Read How a Blogger Creates a REAL Full-Time Income.

Andy Beal

I also very much enjoyed Andy Beal’s post 21 of the Best WordPress Plugins. In that post, Andy reveals his best plugins that he uses at his blog. Although quite reluctant to install too many, I did activate two of them.

Another great review was published by David Vallieres. On a difficult topic, CPA, cost per action. In his review, David dissects The Arbitrage Conspiracy website for which I received hundreds of emails, but didn’t have time for to keep an eye on it.
Davids analysis however was very instructive and didn’t cost me $2,000. It was free.
Check it out at Arbitrage The Arbitrage.

how about you.
Found anything valuable this week?
Post your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Good Stuff I Found Last Week

  1. SEO Googles (Tigis) says:

    I just visit the problogger site. It makes me confused actually. It seems that making a lot of money is only by doing product sells. How if we don’t have any product to sell? I know that we can’t depend on adsense especially if our traffic is so low. But it means we have to find the product first to earn in a way like they recommend.

  2. varul says:

    Of course I agree with you. wordpress and problogger are the magnificient sites for blogging resource. At the begining of my blogging, I was very curious to know about blogging. The two sites I mentioned above guide me to step by step.

  3. Syd says:

    Thanks for pointing out the useful resources. I would definitely love to hear that audio from Willie Crawford. And problogger also features excellent articles on blogging.

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