Get Your Website Traffic From Forums.

You undoubtedly know many ways to get your website traffic for free, don’t you?

One of the best free traffic generating methods is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That’s where you optimize your site in order to get a permanent high ranking in the search engines for the keywords or key phrases that you optimize.

I’m not going in to this, that’s for another occasion, but by applying SEO you will certainly get your website traffic, although it takes quite some time.


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Running an affiliate program is another way to get your website traffic for free. Letting others do the promotion for your products is a great way to generate that traffic.
You should submit your program details to several affiliate programs directories to achieve this. And promote your affiliate program on your website.
Only downside is… you got to have your own products.

Link exchange as a way to get your website traffic still is possible, but a bit out of fashion these days. That’s because, due to abuse, search engines don’t like reciprocal linking as much as they used to do. It still works though, and it works very well if you can do it in the form of contextual linking, fitting well in the high value content that you provide.

Of course there are the social media sites that you can use to get your website traffic. Only recently I published about 7 of these sites specifically about traffic generation, starting with 8 Digg Tactics For More Traffic.

Posting useful comments on topic related blogs is another way to get your website traffic. If you use this method, then please, don’t spam!
A useful comment on my blog is rewarded with a nofollow one-way backlink to generate traffic, but for every valuable comment there are at least 100 spam or promotional comments.
Don’t do that. Like the search engines with link exchange, blog owners don’t like that and tend to change back to the normal NOfollow situation.

There are many more ways to generate free traffic, but today we’ll concentrate on forums.

In cyberspace discussions, forums can play a significant role. You can discover many such discussion forums that are related to your products or services.
Publish high quality answers on them. In most cases you are allowed to add your website link in a signature or bio line in order to get your website traffic. Thus your link will be visible on every post you submit.

While topic related forums can easily be found, there’s something even more powerful to get your website traffic: a secret forum finder using keywords and page rank to find the most relevant topics with lots of potential link juice!

It’s explained in a brand new guide I just finished reading. Actually it’s for finding backlinks in relevant forum topics, but what applies to backlinks also applies to website traffic.

It’s an outstanding, comprehensive report, written by Jack Duncan.
In fact, it’s so good that I’m presenting this guide through my affiliate link, so if you buy (at a ridiculous low price!), I’ll earn a bit of money. After that, you can do the same and earn your money back in no time, since it’s a 100% commission.

Using the secret forum finder tools and methods, you’ll find plenty of fantastic forums with strong authority and pagerank just waiting to be directed to your site.

In fact, by the time you’ve completed this training, you will have located more high PR forum links then you could possibly submit in a day…

That’s a great problem to have!

At that point, you need to either outsource the submission or decide just how many links are needed to achieve ranking success.


check out The Definitive Guide For Finding High Pagerank Forum Backlinks

Read it and let me know what you think about this way of getting your website traffic.
Post your comments below.

I found this highly valuable audio about 3 Keys to Using Forums for Internet Marketing.
Close the door and click the start button below.

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16 thoughts on “Get Your Website Traffic From Forums.

  1. Reggie Barnett says:

    This is great but its even cooler to make your own forum to guarantee more traffic. I use one for my WordPress and its called Simple Press.

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Excellent advice!

  3. I love forum because I love traffic. I believe PR don’t play any major role on SERP. To me on page SEO is best for SERP but forum is also a good way for traffic and its have its own important. After all, every type of traffic is vital for a website.

  4. BLOG_SEO says:

    yeah this is true, its really hard to promote or let people visit your forum, and stay with it, to keep the site from falling apart, in a forum one must unite, to keep its keywords,PR, relevance to its content,..etc.

  5. Case Stevens says:

    Right on the money Owen.
    You can’t even begin to imagine the tons of spam I receive here daily, because I have a nofollow comment policy.
    It makes me often think I’m just plain crazy for doing so and tend to move over to NO follow.
    Part of the people you talk about must have had the same thoughts.
    The other ones are just selfish. which still is a majority in Internet marketing. 🙁

    Go to the Warrior forum. Do a search for Anxiety.
    Follow all the people who post about the topic and see where they take you.
    There may be some interesting sites there. If not, post an interesting question or a helpful answer at the Warrior forum in one of the threads you’ve found.
    You can do the same with other forums, like DigitalPoint.

  6. Steven Suchar says:

    I have met MANY people, in various forums, who are real and very warm caring individuals…FORUMS ROCK!!

    Nice write up too. 🙂

  7. Romoel Cano says:

    Starting your own forum would most likely generate a great amount of traffic. But it’s not that easy to start one. Firstly you must think of something that would get people into your forums and post something. Keeping the forums intact is a hard part too because if you only get a small number of people into your forums they will soon get tired of not getting a single reply on their posts.

  8. I know how powerful forums can become in terms of driving traffic to the site. But my main problem right now is, I’m currently promoting a niche site I’m barely knowledgeable of. And I’m afraid to jump in forums specifically for that niche because I really don’t much at all. =(

  9. Sushie says:

    Thanks for all this tips, very useful for me cause i’m a newbie in the domain of blogging.
    I find many lists of high rank forums but i didn’t joined any of them because their topics dn’t interest me…

  10. randi says:

    I’ve tried almost 70% of the tricks in this article, a member of a forum in a small country I am, but trafict not change much, …
    do you think about what the cause?

    • Case Stevens says:

      Depends on who you are targeting.
      From your link or about page I can’t see what country you live in and in that one you seem to be targeting English speaking marketers?

  11. Forex managed trading says:

    And another good way to get the traffic and good backlinks to your website is trackbacking. Putting trackbacks to the aartciles of other bloggers, related to yours is helpful for both websites.

  12. wes davis says:

    Being a newbie web site owner this has been the bane of my existence so far. Everyone has do’s and don’ts and it’s very hard to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

    Thanks for clearing up a few misconceptions I had about Traffic Generation although you have made me see I have heaps of work ahead of me.On the flipside that is ok especially seeing I now realise there are no short cuts… Well none that won’t get you in trouble with Google etc.

    Anyway it looks like it’s back to the grindstone for me.



    • Case Stevens says:

      It’s just a learning curve Wes.
      Some are at the beginning, some are half way, some are close to the end… well, actually there is no end.
      Therefore we all still have heaps of work ahead of us. Keep going!

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