The Last Gary Halbert Letter

This morning I read the sad news that master copywriter Gary Halbert has passed away. It was announced on the Copywritersboard by John Reese.

I have never met Gary in person, but there isn’t a website on the Net where I’ve read more information than on his. So I do feel his passing away is a great personal loss.

When I found out about Gary Halbert many years ago, he already had many pages choked with great copywriting tips and you could just grab them.
During my first visit, I downloaded them all and I’ll never forget how I read them all night long, skipping sleep, because they were so interesting.

He had a way of writing that really sucked you in.

Sometimes he was rude, sometimes gentle, sometimes very humerous. But Gary was good, very good. And the first one to tell you so was ‘Sir Gary of Halbert’ himself.

He shocked many of his subscribers calling them shitweasels, and put that into perspective again by proclaiming himself the head shitweasel.

Then again his Boron letters are touching. His adventures with the Borgnine family stingingly. His ‘Coat of Arms’ letter world famous.

And that’s how Gary will be remembered I guess.
Loud-mouthed, a bit cheeky, big-headed, but above all, and that’s why he got away with it, a great copywriter and master marketer.

Ironically his last newsletter, written by his ‘pupil’ Sam Markowitz, contains a ton of great copywriting examples from Gary.

A great loss indeed.
Rest in peace Gary.
You will live on.

Case Stevens

Read the post of one of his closest friends and partner John Carlton

Michael Fortin did some interviews with both. You still can listen to the audio files.

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2 thoughts on “The Last Gary Halbert Letter

  1. Hi Case,

    Yes, I was really shocked when I heard it from John Reese in the Warrior forum. Gary was a true copywriting legend and I learned a lot from him.

    You will be missed Gary.


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