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In this post I will list some interesting free products and opportunities (and a paid one). Because these days I see quite a number of people give up. They don’t know what products to promote or how to create their own, let alone how to sell them online.

“I don’t know what to do and just might give up…” is one of the forum posts I discovered. And there are many others.

That’s sad.

Most of these people don’t make money online. Which is not so easy, but not difficult either.

Although it probably has become a bit harder these days.
Willie Crawford has written an excellent blog post about it called How To Actually Beat This Darn Recession…
Read it to get some inspiration to get going again.

Free products
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Although times are tough, there still are plenty of free products and opportunities. It’s just a matter of finding the good ones in the bulk of offers.

As an example, take this great post you definitely should read it at the Warrior forum. It’s written by David Preston and it’s called A Stupidly Simple Cash Cow” and it’s FREE (link removed; thread was deleted). Thanks to my friend David Schwartz for pointing this out to me.

Speaking of David, he promotes an amazing offer: How To Make $10k Per Month.
That sounds like hype, but it isn’t. I own the product myself and it’s excellent, absolutely amazing and top notch. It only requires a lot of organization, but the 10K a month is do-able.
It comes with a hefty price, but you should realize that it’s peanuts compared to what you can make using this product.

Of course there are a lot of free products available too. Not as excellent as the one mentioned above, but still, great products, like:

  • How I Created a Five Thousand Dollar a Month Niche Blogging Empire in a Little Over a Year and How You Can Do It Too!
  • 5 Fatal Bum Marketing Mistakes
  • How to Raise Your Child to Be a True Leader in Perilous Times
  • SEO Traffic Videos In-A-Box
  • Multi Link Submitter
  • 42 No-Restriction Private Label Rights Step By Step Video Tutorials
  • Free Unique Content Posted To Your Blog, Website, E-Zine or Web 2.0 Site
  • Video Squeeze Templates Web 2.0
  • StumbleUpon Traffic Generator
  • Professional Graphics Creator Software (MRR)
  • Turn Facebook Into Your Very Own ATM Cash Machine
  • How I Get 600 – 800 Optin’s Every Day… Guaranteed!

I found them browsing the gifts at IM Dream Team.
The event has landed nearly 2000 members in just 5 days who snagged a ton of free marketing products and scripts, software, PLR packages and more.
Any of these could unlock even greater success for you. Time is running out, so check it out now and claim your free products.

You can implement these products in your own online business, you can sell some of them or you can use them as a great bonuses along with your own products. The choice is yours.
But don’t let this opportunity pass. Check it out right now.

And if you haven’t done so, download my free report “Your Online Marketing Funnel System” right now.
You can use it as a give away to new subscribers, who will be grateful to you for providing such valuable information. Makes it a great list builder!

As you can see there are plenty of free products and opportunities.
How about you? Do you have some suggestions to add?
Post your comments below.

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