Free CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Template

Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) takes a lot of coding out of your web pages. It allows for crisp and clean, fast loading pages.

The main benefit of CSS in my opinion is to separate the style and layout of your web page from its structure. That makes it easier to update and maintain both the content as well as the lay-out and that leads to more flexibility.

WordPress and its many theme templates defined in different css files makes this very clear.
The content is stored as text in a database. You can create and/or change that under the Manage-tab and store it again.
Yet, at the same time, under the Presentation-tab, you can install another template, so you blog will look completely different.
You can easily check it out at AlexKing. Just select a theme and then another and another and ….

You can embed a style sheet inside an HTML document, but the flexibility of CSS only exists when you insert a link to an external style sheet that can influence any number of documents. Thus, with one change of your CSS file, you can update the lay-out of a complete website.

CSS offers a powerful and manageable way to create the visual effects you like, e.g.
* margins and indents
* line spacing and length
* background images and colors
* fonts, font sizes, and font colors
* … and more.

Here are some great resources where you can discover what you can do with CSS.

Good tutorials can be found all over the Net. Here are a few great ones to start with.

The main point is, you’ve got to get using it.

Here is a free css template for you.
Copy it and start experimenting.

Here’s another resource for great free css templates.

And please, let me know how you’re doing.
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Case Stevens

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