Focus Pocus – Chasing Dreams

Nowadays, life looks very much as if you’re logging into one of these highly popular community places, isn’t it?

You’re at the right place. You have registered. You’re logged on. You soon find out there’s a lot going on. You see other people are doing tons of astonishing, inspiring, rewarding things.


… it’s all a little intense.

There are so many options to choose from.

“Ah, this seems nice. This gives me a few inspiring thoughts… I can build this into my other project, and next, if I append this part from up here… hmmm, geeeezzz, that would be amazing.”

“Hold on, that brings about different idea. What if I…” and off you go, never finishing any of your dreams.

Congratulations. You’ve gone from multi-tasking to multi-starting.

I really hate to tell you the bad news, but you’re on a crash course with true disappointment.

Unfortunately, a lot of people never even realize this. They feel as though they are working, they get ideas, they’re carrying out different ideas, but holy cow, nothing ever comes to realization. It simply keeps adding together numerous pieces, but they’re all pieces to different puzzles.

Does this sound familiar to you? Even a little bit? I’m sure it does. Sounds like me more often than I like to admit.

It sounds commonplace, I know, but you are able to change this with a few simple steps.

1. Have an final result in mind. A specific outcome.

2. Determine when you will accomplish that final result.

3. Ascertain that you will commit yourself to seeing that happen.

4. Envision yourself achieving your dream.

Place that idea/project in your brain before you go to bed. Whenever you need a note to remind you of it first thing in the morning, post one where you will envision it along with the final result and deadline.

As brand-new matters come along, jot the ideas down in a notebook or a file on your computer, date stamp them, maybe value them and then close the notebook and return to your current project.

Save up new plans until you’ve completed the last one. Then get your notebook out and glance over your ideas for the one that you believe will get you the most beneficial outcomes.

Then begin it and repeat the process. Stop emailing, chatting, posting. Finish your project!

I admit, this is easier said than done.
But you know it’s right and you’ll get a great deal more from doing even one project, a short one if you must, applying this process, than by attempting to keep all of your ideas and projects running at the same time.

Try it for one month and I’m sure you’ll see positive effects.
Let me know how this worked out for you. Post your comments here.

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