My First Time

Yesterday I received a ‘direct tweet’ from my good friend Dr. Mani. A tweet is a message on Twitter, a direct tweet is a message that only the recipient can read. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

Anyway, Dr. Mani asked me about my ‘first time’. I had to read that message twice, but what he meant was:

Do you remember your FIRST WEBSITE?

Ahhh, okay! Just to be sure we communicated on the same level, Dr. Mani gave an example of his first time to make it perfectly clear what his intentions were.

YES, I DO remember my first website. It was back in 1998.
At that time I was advising the owner of a huge pottery in- and export company how to streamline his business and I thought it would be a nice idea to put some of his products online, so I could learn how to use the Internet.

My First Time

It was a B2B site. It sold sea containers loaded with pottery to large garden centers. The main problem was, that only one container full of goods would cost over $15,000 and people don’t spend that much money online. At least, they didn’t back then. So we had to follow up and meet prospects in person to make the sale.

Nevertheless, I managed to build a list of over 6,500 subscribers from all over the world. And yes, we sold a couple of container loads.
My first sale however, came from a competitor. After discovering my first time website, he phoned me, saying he still had some pottery in Miami harbor and asked me if I could sell it for him.
I did! That’s how I earned my first $ 1,500 online!

Where did I host it?
This site was hosted on Hypermart. At that time, it was free and came with ads. Hypermart was a success back then, but started charging for hosting. Because this was just an experiment and I had my own sites hosted elsewhere, I dropped the site.

How did it look?
Ugly! Amateurish! I think the pictures did the job, since the site offered unique products at bottom prices.
See for yourself in the way-back machine.

How did I feel about creating it?
Excited! This was my experiment to make an online presence. And I liked it so much, that I went online almost full time. I still have my offline businesses to attend, but the kick I got from operating from my little office at home really got me going.

That’s my First Time story!

Now… YOU.

Here’s what to do.

1. Post to your blog with your “first time” story.
2. Link to this post somewhere in yours.
3. Tag someone you know, invite them to write about their “first time”.
4. If you’re on Twitter, tweet a link to your blog post – and use #myfirstweb to make it easy to find and list all tweets on the topic

After a week or two, we’ll compile a list of all these posts – and it will be fun to see how we all evolved in our journey through the Web!

Looking forward to seeing your “first time” story soon.

If you have any comments, post them below.

EDIT: Just after publishing this post, I tagged my friend Willie Crawford. As usual, Willie responded immediately: Remembering MY First Time… So Long Ago!

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    Fun read. It’s amazing how far we’ve all come along since our humble beginnings on the web.

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