Insane Fire Sale Offer

Willie Crawford has an ‘insane fire sale offer‘ for us.

Check it out at the Insane Fire Sale.

I’ve bought the whole package and I must say, the split testing script, along with the superb ebook called ‘Small Changes, Big Profits’, from Paul Hancox, alone is worth the stunning price.

Right now I’m downloading the huge keyword files and I’ve already signed up for the PLR and Resell Packages.

While I’m still checking everything out, it’s unbelievable that Willie let this package go at $47.

But that’s only today. Since this is a fire sale, the price will increase by $10 dollars per day from Wednesday till Sunday. Sunday at midnight CST, the price of the package will jump to $997 and stay there as long as Willie leaves the package up.

Believe me, $997 really isn’t too much for this package.

I realize this may sound like the next marketing strategy to get you to buy the whole package. Well, if it sounds like that, so be it.

But this blog is called Affordable Internet Marketing and it reports about strategies and resources that are both high quality AND really affordable. This is one of them.

I just want to let you know, that this is a super opportunity. Not buying at $47 really would be insane.
Check this out: Insane Fire Sale.

You won’t regret it.

If you want more background information as to why this
special offer came about, you can read an explanation from
Willie himself over at

And after you’ve read that one, just get your own copy at
Insane Fire Sale.

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