Facebook for a Business – 3: Find Facebook Customers

Today we’re going to discuss how you can attract new Facebook customers.

In the previous post we discussed how to create a Facebook page for your business and we’re going to use that to get more customers from that network.

Such a Facebook page makes it possible to interact with present and future customers.
Simply by enticing them to give their feedback for products, services, customer support and everything else concerning your business.
You can use your Wall or Updates to provoke interaction.

Of course visitors may also provide you with negative feedbacks instead of only positives, so this may seem a dangerous approach on first thought, but since Facebook can be easily moderated, businesses should not be afraid to use this excellent feature.

An excellent feature, because Facebook, to most people, is more user friendly, more accessible and more viral (everyone gets invited to participate at some point) than any established website will ever be.
That adds a sense of credibility and friendliness to a business, certainly if that business has a negligible online presence. It better invites Facebook customers to check out the business.

So, if you receive negative feedback, you may want to hide it and only show the best responses. A better idea may be to add a better explanation or a totally different view on your products and services as a response on negative feedback.

This way, most Facebook customers will be able to read the positive testimonials of previous customers and your (improved) explanations. Thus you’re also able to improve and clarify your pitches. Also, such feedback adds a jot of genuineness to the company and may entice the prospects reading it.

On top of that, Facebook customers will look at your page to have their questions answered. They’re more active, as opposed to traditional Internet marketing strategies like newsletters and web ads.

So, interaction is the key to get more Facebook customers.

And that interaction isn’t limited to Facebook wall posts and updates. You can also use the Notes page or Photos and even Videos. You can set the posting ability of fans on your Facebook page, which allow them to post photos, videos and links.

The very best ways to interact with your Facebook customer is to create polls and quizzes using Facebook apps.

Not just any poll or quiz, but an enticing one. Here you can showcase all your online marketing skills.

So, instead of asking who was the xxth president of the US, you ask things like “Do you make these mistakes when using {insert your product or service}?

Arouse curiosity, make it enticing, entertain them.
Give them little known facts about your products and services. Things they don’t know, but they can benefit from.

And a great poll will arouse a sense of power with regards to your products, which in turn will give your prospects a sense of ownership and acceptance.

If you use these features well, word can spread fast.

Once you get your customer’s attention, a great way to measure the effectiveness of your page and to gain new customers is to add company promos, special prices, exclusive Facebook deals and discounts.
Or to feature your products for special sales.

You can easily link back to your official website as well and have your prospects sign up for your newsletter on a squeeze page. That’s a double whammy: your Facebook page AND your official website will profit from such strategies.

Incentives can be given exclusively to Facebook customers which aren’t accessible by those who follow you through e-mail, Twitter or your official website.

So, as you can see, Facebook is easy to use and by adding the right tone for your prospects, you can easily differentiate you and your business from your competitors. If you apply these tips, you’ll quickly see a nice return of time investments in the form of more Facebook customers.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We are going to talk more about getting people to like you and your business.

Meanwhile post your comments below.
Do you get Facebook customers?

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3 thoughts on “Facebook for a Business – 3: Find Facebook Customers

  1. Gustav Bergman says:

    In the beginning it can be hard for your prospects to find you, so I tried to put up some ads for my page – and it worked extremely well. I made some ads telling about the appealing content I had on my page, and targeted it at persons interested in the subject. I got a conversion rate on about 50% (!) meaning that each new follower only cost me 1 USD, which is extremely cheap compared to other means.
    When I had got 100 followers, I thought that I had reached some kind of critical mass – and I was right. Now I get new fans every week without paying anything at all.

  2. Vic says:

    I’ve just got started with face book advertising, it’s not complicated at all you jus need the righ prospects. 80% of my facebook friends dont have a clue about facebook advertising and when i do any promotions, it’s only prospects from outside of my facebook that i can attract. people find my presence through the facebook search pages, for example if you search up make money, you might land on my pages. The best way to market on facebook is to know your audience and how to go about getting ton of traffic to your products.

  3. Norman says:

    I also used the facebook ads way to get some people to my page , although i was trying to get it to a small demographic. The visitors are small but increasing which i am more than happy about. Learning the techniques of facebook and keeping within the terms of service will be critical for any success in the future. The internal platform and security hopefully will keep the spammers away and give potential customers the feel good confidence to deal with you.

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