Facebook for a Business – 5: Facebook promotions

Today we’ll discuss Facebook promotions and contests to pull in more fans.

To estimate the possible success of a promotional tactic, Facebook is a great testing ground.

By sending traffic to your website using exclusive Facebook promotions you can find out how much traffic that tactic was able to generate during its run.

That’s a two-edged sword, because such an exclusive Facebook promotion will also draw in new fans and that’s crucial to the development of the company’s Facebook page.

So how can we use these Facebook promotions?

We’ll start with making sure, that the promotion or contest and all of its updates are published just on Facebook and Facebook alone. Nowhere else!

Of course, to get the ball rolling, you can promote the event in your newsletters and emails, other social networks and even on your official business website, but you have to send the visitors over to your Facebook page to get the incentive.

Another requirement is that the whole process has to be simple and clear. Over-complicating things can discourage participants or contestants from joining.

Facebook gives you the option of getting free or paid promotional efforts. The paid area is through Facebook’s formal ads. I have a 5-part video course on how to create successful Facebook ads when you sign up for my newsletter.

Contests add a feeling of excitement to your site, but…
…when it comes to running contests in their network, Facebook is quite hard-and-fast. Most contests are not even allowed and you certainly can’t announce an official contest in your wall.

There are possibilities however to run a great contest using so-called apps.
Some come with expenses. Wildfire, for example has a $5 setup fee and will charge $0.99 for every day that the campaign runs.

There are a variety of business apps which can help you create a contest for your Fan page. Contests for Fan page is an application that was created by Wildfire and assists newbies in creating contests with writing, video, photo and graphic entries.

It’s very easy to customize this application. You can edit deadlines of contests, campaign mechanics, the level of participation of your network and the number of votes allowed per person.
It also let’s you can place a contest widget in your Fan page in order for participants to link directly to a micro-site
Other platform providers include Strutta.com and Vertigo.

You should offer attractive incentives to ensure that the contest is successful. One company for example, offered a fully furnished office for the winning photo entry which showed the messiest work area. More unique prizes include a chance to attend a star-studded party or a dinner with celebrities.

Despite the online medium, a successful contest will help your business interact with your customers at a very personal level. And it will generate a lot of new leads. Despite additional expenses, Facebook promotions such as these are well worth the money as you can establish new relations with prospects and online awareness for your business.

That’s it for today, except…

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And make sure you look for the next one soon. Then we will discuss a few tips on making money on Facebook.

Meanwhile post your comments below.
What do you use for Facebook promotions?

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3 thoughts on “Facebook for a Business – 5: Facebook promotions

  1. Natan from Natan's Marketing Experiment says:

    Interesting article. To date, I’ve only use facebook as a platform to send some mild traffic over to my main hub. I’m sure I’ll find out in the next chapter, but is there actual money in setting up one of these contests through facebook? Why not promote on facebook that you have a contest on your own site? Granted, one’s not mutually exclusive to the other but..

  2. Jessica@SEO Services says:

    Good post on the facebook where thousands of people interact each other all the time. Facebook can be used for several purposes where business promotions and generating traffic on your site is one of them.

    Thanks for sharing such a useful info on facebook info! Now waiting for the next instructions.

  3. Ben Sai says:

    thanks for sharing those facebook resource. I’ve been thinking of including facebook marketing on my existing campaign, though not really sure if traffic from this channel can really convert, though I’m sure it’s a good way to develop my brand.

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