When Facebook Marketing Fails

Facebook is very popular these days. That’s why I’m using Facebook marketing as an example.

As a social networking website, Facebook generates a lot of traffic and divides people according to their interests and hobbies.

This way, you will be able to know where to market on Facebook. This division tells you where you should advertise your products and services and you will also be able to specifically TARGET (mind the caps!) the people you want to sell your products to.

These are the basics of social network sites. And a lot is written about how to use them to your advantage.

What you have to do to market successfully on these sites in just a few short steps is:
– create an ‘awesome’ profile first,
– then make a ton of friends,
– create a group of mutual interest,
– invite all your friends and…
– pitch away!

targeted facebook marketing
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The question that I have with this strategy, one that is NEVER answered in these guides, is…

…if I have to make so many friends,
then how many pitches do I get to see?

Because everyone is reading the same guides, right? Certainly the free ones where this marketing strategy is discussed in abundance.

I’ve received invitations for many products, unique memberships, awesome groups, tons of fun and a lot more that I just HAD to check out.

Not to mention all the invitations to speed dating, green things, becoming a billionaire, how to save on gas, how to avoid paying taxes in the US (where, according to my profile, I do NOT live; remember the TARGET in caps; hey, who cares?), confirm blog ownerships, becoming TOP friends… just to name a few. What’s next?

So basically, this strategy is nothing else but a replacement of bulk email. Instead of receiving the emails, I now get ‘invited’!

That’s NOT why I am on Facebook.

And I’m NOT on Facebook, or any other social network, to make 5,000 friends. I even don’t want 5,000 of them. Simply because they aren’t friends! That’s one reason I don’t autofollow on Twitter (a couple of weeks ago I checked my followers; about 20 of them got their account deleted! Huh, friends?).

Mind you, I DO have friends. A couple of hundred, spread over sever social networks. And I meet them frequently. Because, and this is key, I KNOW who they are and they KNOW who I am and what I do!

Although I haven’t personally met the majority of them, these people are friends because they’re willing to help me if I have a question or need some explanation.

And I do the same for them. In fact, my very best ‘articles’ are the personal messages written to my friends. Because I honestly want to help them out, the same way they do for me.

One of the best places I meet my friends is in Willie Crawford’s The Internet Inner Marketing Circle. Because that place is crowded with like minded people.

And on Facebook, to be honest. Some of my friends have checked my profile and as a result invited me to join a great group where information is exchanged that can help me achieve my goals.

Examples are joint venture groups, where product launches are announced. And a group where upcoming seminars are published. Or a group announcing webinars about coaching, marketing, off line business and so on.

So yes, there are great marketers on Facebook. Their success is providing useful information that you can use to achieve your own goals.

And that’s exactly the right way you should market on Facebook or any other social network: Provide useful information instead of sales pitches or showing off with the next fun app.

Don’t you think so?
Put your comments below.

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