Facebook for a Business – 4: Use Facebook Like-It button

Now that you know how to get Facebook customers for your business, let’s discuss how to get people to use the Facebook Like-It button to gain popularity for your business page.

Starting to get Like-button clicks is the most difficult part.

Nobody knows your Facebook page yet, so you have to use some conventional methods to get some of these clicks to start with.

You could start with inviting your friends, existing customers and, if you have them, your employees to use the Facebook Like-it button.
In the latter case, you can also decide to add your company’s Facebook page in the email signature of all of your employees. This will get all your professional contacts just one click away from your company page.

Announcing your page in your newsletter is another great way to get this process going.

And of course you can use your existing company website and press releases to drive traffic to your Facebook business page. And do the same using your Twitter account, other social media accounts like LinkedIn and even through ‘old fashioned’ SEO articles.

All of these actions will turn up your Facebook business page on the Internet radar and familiar to the public eye. Awareness is the primary focus with any Facebook account.

Now you’re ready to generate Facebook’s Like-button clicks.

It all comes down to constantly add updates and new pictures that will entice potential customers and use applications that help share your company’s promos and sales. To have this run like a well-oiled machine, it’s best to set up a publication plan up front, so you’re prepared to update according to a neatly tied up schedule.

Then add a Facebook Like-button everywhere you have an online presence. For WordPress blogs there are suitable plugins, for normal websites you can get one simple line of coding in the Facebook developers section.

Getting Facebook Like-button clicks really is a confirmation of the popularity of your business and a useful estimate of your online presence. Once you get the ball rolling, the more Likes you get, the wider your updates will be broadcast to your potential customers.

As long as your business is properly organized, this can be done easily. Just be active and remember to keep a high degree of professionalism in mind when updating your page, posts and activities.
You can even make this process easier by appointing one employee responsible for this and use applications like Hootsuite in order to constantly update your page.

Getting Facebook Like-button clicks comes down to treating your business page as a newsletter, with your prospects as your audience. Submit positive updates, such as seminar pictures, helpful (affiliate) links, employees of the month and so on.
Don’t use hype as it only would harm your online credibility.

In addition to that, you can issue special promos or incentives that are exclusive to your Facebook business page and lead your existing customers and even prospects to those special offers. They will appreciate that and may be enticed to spread the word for you.

Oh, and ALWAYS ASK them to click the Like-button!

That’s it for today. If you need more help, check out this outstanding resource.

Watch out for the next post soon in which we will discuss contests, promotions and giveaways to attract fans.

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And give me your comments.
What have you done to get those Like-buttons clicked?

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5 thoughts on “Facebook for a Business – 4: Use Facebook Like-It button

  1. Great series Case… I really ‘like’ these articles.

    Facebook has been a tough channel for me to crack. I’ve been working on my business page for about 3 months and it is steadily becoming more interactive but not at the rates that I would like or see around me.

    I know it will take time, but it gets frustrating when I see ‘spammy’ type pages getting tons of likes and comments. Perhaps they will fizzle out…at least this is what usually happens when people can’t keep a consistent social media presence.

    Do you have an opinion on how often a fb page should be updated? I hear many conflicting suggestions (hourly, daily etc.) and I’m sure it can be niche determined; but any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks again.


  2. Lee says:

    I’ve been reading through these Facebook posts and really like them. Most people seem to think they need their business to be on FB but I think it only suits certain types of business, usually those of a leisure or social nature.

    Thanks for your comment, Ben. Its interesting to read how you have used it.

  3. Mak says:

    I have had a great experience pushing businesses and business events on facebook. The general industry knowledge suggests that only infinity businesses (restaurants, bars, et cetera) would do well, but I have had a great measure of success with top of mind awareness marketing alltogether.

  4. Shannon Suetos says:

    Promoting your Facebook page is very similar, if not the same as your company’s blog. If people don’t know it is there they won’t know to click on it. I like your idea of mentioning it in the company newsletter and email signature both are great ways to get attention.

  5. Bank says:

    Thanks for the tip about spreading your facebook “like” button throughout your entire online presence. My business is relatively new and I am grappling with the opportunities that facebook and other social media avenues can provide. I’m slapping my firm’s “like” button on our website, blog, and other media. Great advice all around and I will definitely come back for more!


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