How to Use Facebook Interest Lists to Attract Followers

The new Facebook Interest Lists allows you to create make mini news feeds helping you to turn Facebook into your own personalized newspaper, with special sections—or feeds—for topics that matter to you. That’s how Facebook describes this feature.

But what can you do with that, besides just creating a newspaper?

Elizabeth Hooper, with Broadbandgenie, has four interesting tips on how to attract followers using this feature in the guest post below.

Read carefully and enjoy!

When Facebook introduced its interest list feature recently, the site moved from a strictly “social/share” model to providing an avenue for active curation. In a sense, this feature was long overdue considering the capabilities of Twitter Lists and Google Circles.

What’s interesting about this move is the idea that if content is king, then curators are the kingmakers.

In a platform as large as Facebook, the ability to gain influence and mindshare in a specific space by curating the best list is valuable– whether you define best by most comprehensive, most thoughtfully structured, or by some other metric.
How to integrate Facebook lists into an online marketing strategy definitely belongs on any 2012 list of blogging tips.

So what role should Facebook interest lists play in your overall Facebook strategy?
Here are four Facebook tips to get you started.

  1. Overcome social content clutter:
    Facebook feeds are so crowded these days with an onslaught of auto-posted articles and random updates, that it’s hard to separate the quality content from the stuff you’d rather not read.
    Social content clutter quickly leads to us devalue social media as a source of useful information, and then we move into varying degrees of social media avoidance. Lists can help you to segment your favorite people into different content streams, and gain followers as you share those with others who appreciate bypassing social media noise as well.

  2. Claim the kingmaker space in your niche:
    Search around for existing lists that cover thought leaders in your space.
    Depending upon what you find, it might be that no one has tackled the subject yet – or you might find that you can create a better quality list.

    Another approach is to niche down; for example, there might be some great lists of social media thought leaders, but plenty of opportunity to create more specific niche list like “Great LinkedIn Thought Leaders” or “Facebook Experts.”
    Look for missed opportunities and gaps in the lists already created.

  3. Connect with thought leaders you value:
    Facebook doesn’t automatically notify people when they are added to a list. But if you created a list that showcased the greatest thought leaders in a specific space, you can always send a private message or leave a comment for those people to let them know they’ve been included.

    Facebook interest lists lets you connect with thought leaders
    Photo Credit: USAG-Humphreys

    At the very least this creates a bit of a connection and they’ll start to recognize your name; potentially they will check it out and even share the list with their followers as well.

  4. Use lists to create valued content streams for different audiences:
    Facebook lists can be public, shareable with friends, or private.
    Use public lists and promote them to connect your customers with people you think are valuable.
    If you run a comedy venue, perhaps you create a feed of the best people in comedy today.
    If you’re in the insurance industry and want to be seen as a though leader amongst your peers, perhaps you create a list of the greatest minds in insurance company strategy.

    Whatever space you’re in, think about the kind of information your clients or audience wants and use Facebook interest lists as a way to give them that content – without having to create it yourself.

  5. One final note: presumably most of your lists will be based on things you’re involved in and posting about. Make sure, wherever appropriate to add yourself to lists, as this will help increase your exposure!

    Written by Elizabeth Hooper on behalf of Broadbandgenie, the comparison website for mobile broadband internet options to enhance your social media connectivity.

    How about you?
    Do you use Facebook interest list to attract followers?
    Post your comments below.

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