Facebook for a Business – 1: How to profit from Facebook

Since it’s so widely popular these days, I want to give you some valuable information on how you can use Facebook for a business to promote your enterprise profitably.

If you doubt you can use Facebook successfully, then first read How does Facebook work, so you can get an idea of why this social network is so popular.

To emphasize that, let’s add a few statistics so you will recognize why you and your business just can’t ignore Facebook as a very important marketing and promotion tool.

  1. 500 Million users per day!
    That’s right, half a billion people use Facebook daily. Over half of them are working, which means they have at least some money to spend. The group of 18 to 24 years old users is rapidly becoming the most eager Facebook users in the US.

    The main characteristics of this user group is that they still don’t have severe commitments. They aren’t yet committed to buy a house, earn a family income nor to make a life-changing career shift. And that implies this group is more receptive to a wide variety of consumer products and a buying lifestyle.

  2. Facebook Demographics
    In fact, Facebook has become so immensely popular that there’s a dedicated outside site called checkfacebook.com, that shows various demographics per global and country audience (move your mouse over the map when you visit this site) and different reports about new developments taking place.
    It looks like Facebook has become more of a global market place instead of a social network.

  3. Facebook has become a lifestyle
    It’s amazing to see how most users nowadays make Facebook part of their day by day routine (over 140 million users in the US alone). Most of them even admit to check their account more than twice a day. Seems it has become as important as checking their email accounts (and maybe replaces email in several ways).

    That implies that you don’t need to find your audience. It comes to you.
    Read How does Facebook work again if you doubt that.

    So, if you keep an up-to-date account, imagine how your marketing efforts can be seen by at least a part of your audience daily on their Facebook walls. Thus you stay in sight and in their minds. And in marketing and advertising, that’s half the battle!

  4. Targeted audience
    If you do decide to advertise, Facebook offers you very compact options of demographic targets. Using these tools, you can be certain that you’re targeting a properly, well defined audience.

    On top of that, Facebook also offers other applications like Facebook polls if you’re looking for quick answers to your marketing questions and Facebook Beacon for larger advertising budgets.

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    * Video 6: Networking

  5. Possible cut in traditional advertising budget
    Networks like Facebook may lead to cutting down your advertising budget by half, by simply cutting your print, radio or television advertising campaigns.
    Remember, more and more people worldwide get online and they’re coming to you on the social networks. You may even cut expensive website developments.

That’s what Facebook for a business can do. Reasons enough?
With all of these advantages, it’s making business and marketing easier than ever before.

Keep in touch, because in a next issue we’ll talk about creating a page for your business on Facebook.

Meanwhile, post your comments below.
What do you think about Facebook for a business?

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5 thoughts on “Facebook for a Business – 1: How to profit from Facebook

  1. Steve Gillman says:

    I understand the basic idea of using social media for marketing purposes (and we have been making a great living online for years now), but it seems that it is SOOO time consuming to use Facebook and other similar sites well enough to get any benefit. I have had a Facebook page for a while, but I just can’t get motivated to do the tedious (to me) work of using it. Is there a service that will run a age for you for marketing purposes?

    • Case Stevens says:

      Undoubtedly there are services like that, but I wouldn’t use them. Because it takes a smart marketer to be successful on Facebook.
      You’d better hire a VA and instruct him what exactly to do.

  2. William King says:

    Most of the people takes facebook easy as a tool of marketing may be due to its casual use but in fact you if you want the complete benefits of facebook which can be enough to take your business from ground to sky you must know the techniques of marketing and a good deal of knowledge about your business. similarly you need to update yourself with the latest news and updates so your page keeps alive and your network find it interesting. You need to know how to engage yourself in the conversations. It will take time, It will take some effort but when you will see the results you will not regret

  3. Damon says:

    I’ve used their advertising before and it seems way better than Google. It was still pretty easy to blow through $200 worth of ads in a day…

    Thanks for the great info!

  4. Soc says:

    Great read,

    When I started make money online I used the Social media, Social Media Marketing
    can be very profitable because you can reach an extremely large amount of people.
    And you do not need to pay for traffic just use social media and it will help you.

    It works very simply, Social Media helps you to inform users about your
    website or blog, when you increase traffic to your website Google see it.
    Use keywords it will help you to find your niche

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