Facebook business: 8 Value for your Facebook customer

It seems, that about 50% of Facebook users log on to their account each and every day.

Think about that number for a minute.

That implies, that your page has a reach of about 250 million potential Facebook customers.

If only 0.1 percent of these users are in your niche market, you’re talking about 250,000 potential Facebook customers.

Imagine being able to reach only 10 percent of that market for your own product or service.
That could mean more work than you can handle and thousands of dollars in revenue.

Now, I don’t say it will be that easy. Your Facebook account must be worked on, corrected, amended and evaluated, just like any official webpage.

Despite the fact, that Facebook is a social network, it’s always wise to first thoroughly plan about what impression your business page has to convey.

Should that be a hint of fun, whimsicality and excitement that will appeal to your potential Facebook customer?

Or a jot of corporate professionalism as an extension of their traditional office?

Or should your page be used to answer informal questions and inquires, thus acting simply as a customer service area?

That’s not an easy choice and largely depends on your company’s profile and the demographics of your potential Facebook customer. To find out more about the latter, you can try to enter your main keyword in Google and find the demographics of the top 10 search results using Alexa.com.

Whatever your goals are, you should always set up your Facebook page with the same eye for details as you would your official website.
No clutter and only showing the absolute necessary things. Especially with social network pages, because these mediums call for it, you often just have to resist the temptation of being too personal

Some more tips to provide value for your Facebook customer:

  • Get customer testimonials

    Encourage customers to write their feedback on your Facebook wall. Clients testimonials and feedback are the best ways to assure prospects of the quality of the product.

    Especially on social networks the most common interests of individuals is checking out a person or business’s Facebook wall. That’s a human habit and businesses can take advantage of it.

    The best way to get these testimonials is if they are delivered voluntary, but that doesn’t happen too ofter. So you can offer a little extra related to their purchase in order to get them, but keep that as objective as possible. Don’t bribe people in exchange for their recommendations.

  • Interact with potential Facebook customers

    Make sure you get back immediately to prospects who make inquiries about your products or services. Addressing their questions and issues right away, will make a good impression.

    If you’re not able to answer them right away, tell them so, apologize and tell them you will get back to them later. Even if you don’t know an immediate answer, let them know and that you will do your best to get it for them as soon as possible. That’s service!

    Put the answers to the most frequent asked questions on your business page. If there’s not enough space for that, then open a Notes Page or a similar app.

  • Show relevant pics

    Some business use pseudo shops, others use the photo pages to feature their products and services.
    In any case, always use photos of high quality. After all, your products will get low-end impressions if you show low-end pictures.

    Give as much detail as essential. Zoom towards areas where there are complex details visible that highlight a product’s quality.

Keep these simple tip’s in mind to provide value for your Facebook customer. Then you will be sure you are building a Facebook page that will server your business well!

So, how do you deliver value for your Facebook customer?
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3 thoughts on “Facebook business: 8 Value for your Facebook customer

  1. FinallyFast says:

    I think your point about only showing the most necessary information and maintaining a clutter free page is right on the money, but I feel like keeping your brand in the mind of the consumer is also important.

    For me, this begs the question: how often is too often? Specifically in terms of updating your business’s status. On a traditional web page you might update your news page every week or even every day, but given that users now have the ability to hide any user or business’s updates I feel like there is a fine line between annoyance and quality brand management. One extra update and despite having several thousand fans you could end up reaching no one.

    I think it’s important to note that while Facebook pages are similar to traditional web pages they are different in a lot of ways too and what works on your traditional site may not work on Facebook.

    Be sure to put yourself in your consumer’s position and really ask yourself how often you might want to get updates about tires from your auto mechanic!

  2. William says:

    I love FB it has made it a lot easier to gain valuable traffic in many ways not only by having a FB page but also being able to use FB comment tools on other websites like mine now you don’ have to fill in anything just use the FB button and you can add a comment or a like which then shows up on their friends page. But I have to agree with you FB is not a put up and forget about there is much work to do if it is going to be a viable source for your business.

  3. Robert Path says:

    I found your series very informative and helped me decide whether to use my existing Facebook profile or start from scratch and take a more professional approach. I have a good feel for how to approach this from the information you provided and appreciate the time and effort you put into gathering your material.

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