Excellent Link Exchange directory

Just about a week ago I found an excellent Link Exchange directory to increase traffic, website ranking and popularity.
It’s a site from Brad Callen called Link Metro.

If you visit that link you can browse the listed categories.
If you find a website that you want to exchange links with, just copy and paste their data into your pages, fill in where they can find the URL and click the ‘request’- button.
The rest is fully automated.

You will receive an email whenever a link request is approved.

Likewise you can expect other sites to request link exchanges with you. To approve such requests just requires the push of a button after filling out your URL containing the link back.

The Link Exchange Monitor handles all requests automatically.
And very interesting is, that the links of both partners are listed, so you can check if everything works fine.

The directory is still quite small, because this service is new. But the quality of the links that I’ve found were good.

This link exchange program is completely free.
I strongly recommend to sign up now.
And post your comments to let me know what you think of it.


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