Learn How the Big Guys Evaluate a Great Opportunity!

Do you want to know how real marketing experts evaluate a very promising business opportunity to get the most out of it?

If so, pay attention, I have something special here (and NO expenses involved).
Because now you can get into the minds of these experts and profit from their innovative ideas by joining the resulting project completely free.

Here’s the full story….

A few days ago I invited you to a special session of the Hot Seat Events. That is a Marketing Experts Panel that evaluates great business opportunities.

This event took place last Tuesday night and as always it was an outstanding session. The panelists reviewed Ken McArthur’s new and No-Cost PPC advertising service called Traffic Showcase.

It was a very inspiring discussion that lasted a solid 2 hours. If you were there you would have learned about how to attract advertisers, PPC advertising, the nuts and bolds of Traffic Showcase and, maybe most important, how real marketing experts evaluate a great opportunity!

Because, although all panelists know Ken, they didn’t hold anything back and they had Ken squirm during the whole event.
Paul Myers was at his best criticizing the appeal of the project. You really should have heard him provoke Ken and the panelist to come up with a good USP.
Willie Crawford, Carl Galletti and James Maduk jumped on Ken on certain issues. Sid Hale, Bob Silber, Mike G., Phil Basten, Jane Mark and Gary Knuckles brilliantly contributed useful comments and input.

And that’s what is so great about this event. Ken had a difficult two hours, but when he evaluates all remarks and suggestions made by the panelists, you can be absolutely sure that his product will be one of the best around the Net.

That brings us back to Traffic Showcase. That’s the product that YOU can profit from. If you heard the panelist talk about the possibilities ….. scary.

The only disadvantage of Tuesday’s event is that it was fully overbooked. There were THREE times as many sign ups as phone lines available for this call!

Here’s Ken’s solution to that:

He has agreed to let everyone get a free recording of the event!

And I urge you, for all the different reasons mentioned above, to listen to this.

I realize it’s quite a large download, but well worth the time.

I was on the call last night – but I still downloaded the recording and listened to it again today.
I highly recommend you do the same.

All you have to do is visit the page below:

Listen, if you ever want to have an insight in the minds of marketing experts, this is your chance.
No charges, just education.

PLUS you can sign up for (and profit from) the resulting product at NO cost.

Please, do not let this opportunity pass.
Get that recording now.

All the best,
Case Stevens

If you’re on the download page, don’t forget to also download the Traffic Showcase Overview and to pre-register. This is your chance to get in early!


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