Introduction to Email Marketing

You’re at the mall, doing some window shopping.

Suddenly you see something you’re interested in and you want some information.

You go inside that shop and have the salesperson explain what you want to know.

Now, you want to think things over, so you thank that person for the explanation and you continue your shopping.

If the shop assistant is a real sales person, she is left with an important question: how does she KNOW what you’re going to do with that information? Or, more specifically, when and how are you going to make the decision to buy?

Now, there could be many reasons for not buying (yet).
– not enough money, or budget, or you don’t know your budget right now,
– you want even more information or you have to match it with other info back home,
– you may have to consult someone before buying,
– you may want to look somewhere else to find lower prices,
– it may not be the right moment for you to buy, maybe later,
– or, in the worst case, you don’t want to buy at all, you were just curious

To find out what the reason was, the shop assistant has to follow up with you!
But there’s a huge problem.

You see, traditional brick and mortar stores face a difficulty in following up with the people who have visited the shop or office.

The most they (economically) can do with a visitor’s mail address is send flyers or invitations to customer only events, but then they first have to get your physical address.

Getting you on the phone is another way, but it’s seldom done, because it takes too much time and they’ll never know if their call comes at a convenient moment for you. Also, they first have to get your phone number too!

Now, you may the exception, but in general, people are very hesitant to give their address and phone number to people they don’t know. And that’s just because it’s too private information.

And it’s exactly here where the power of email marketing kicks in.

Because it isn’t as personal to give out an email address. There’s more distance and anonymity.

That’s why email marketing has completely changed online marketing.

When you get an email address from your visitor, you’ve accomplished a very difficult task.

You gained permission to talk to that person!

Now you kick in the sheer power of your email marketing. You’re going to follow up:

1. First, you build a relation with your prospects and
2. if done correctly, you prospect eventually will turn into a customer, to which
3. it’s so much easier to sell to than to a prospect, simply because she already knows you!

In the next issues you’ll see how to do that perfectly and how to get a 5,725% return of investment, so stay tuned.

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