Email Marketing – 5,725% Return Of Investment!

The good news for Internet marketers is that email marketing has an excellent ROI (return on investment).

In fact, according to a recent study from the Direct Marketing Association*, email marketing, including automated email from autoresponders, has an ROI of $57.25 for each and every dollar spent.
And this is more than 150 percent greater than the ROI for non-email online marketing.

In the previous issue, we’ve seen how email marketing has a much lower threshold than off line marketing, since giving out an email address is less personal than a physical address. And we’ll look into solutions to lower that treshold even more.

We’ve also noticed how getting an email address of a visitor is getting permission to talk to that person.

That is, we still want our visitors to confirm that permission.
That’s why you always have to send a confirmation email, that reminds them of their subscription and asks them to confirm it. Some people will forget that they’ve subscribed, but later on we’ll see how to solve this problem.

This procedure also avoids morons filling in just an email address (that isn’t theirs) and have someone else subscribed without that person knowing it.

We now can be absolutely certain, that our visitor wants our messages.

Which is great, because we want to follow up with our prospects.

It is often said, that it takes at least 7 follow ups before prospects are willing to buy from you.
During my years of research, I’ve never found any statistics that provide proof of this, but it really takes a number of follow ups to turn prospects into customers. In my experience, there isn’t an exact number and it differs from the niches you are in.

As you’ve seen above, email ranks as one of the best online marketing tools, if not THE best.

And automated emails are the best way to leverage your email business relationships. So let’s take a look at email follow up series to discover how to reap success in any niche. And let’s try to find out how to automate most of your email marketing, so you don’t have to do everything by hand.

In the next issue, we’ll further explore your most important email marketing tool that puts your email marketing on autopilot.

* Cohen, Heidi. E- Mail Marketing Has a Great ROI. (Nov. 9, 2006).
Retrieved from

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One thought on “Email Marketing – 5,725% Return Of Investment!

  1. Ian,
    When you have a subscriber fill in a form without confirming their subscription, that’s called single opt-in.

    When you first send them a confirmation email with a link they have to click, that’s double opt-in. It’s to avoid any problems with morons filling in someone else’s email address.

    Using a confirmation email makes sure you’ll get permission to communicate with your new subscriber, so it’s a safe way of building a list.

    Some people will forget to confirm their subscription, so you’ll loose some, but it’s much safer than single opt-in.

    Therefore I highly recommend the double opt-in procedure.

    Hope this helps.

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