Email Marketing Exposed

Do you recognize this?

When I’m really busy, I postpone reading many emails that flood my IN-box.
Not that they aren’t interesting, I just don’t have the time to read them all.

You know, information overload. Sounds familiar?

I store them in a ‘to-do’ folder for later.


for some emails from certain persons.


Because these people KNOW how to create a valuable email with great content and an enticing subject header.

Michael Rasmussen is one of them. He knows how to craft something valuable.

So, why am I telling you this?

Well, Michael has created some videos about the topic.

In it, he explains exactly how he creates these powerful emails that get delivered AND opened every time he sends one out.

I checked them out and this really is powerful stuff that you should see if you take your online business serious.

What’s even more amazing: they’re free to watch!

Yep, they don’t cost you a cent.

Paul Myers, copywriting/email expert and one of the others that I always open emails from, said:

“I just finished going through the first 8 videos.
That’s a lot of solid information packed into a short time. Video 8 alone could help a lot of people double the profits they get from their email promotions.

I really like the modular presentation, too.
Makes it easy to digest. Nice touch.”

I suggest you check them out immediately.


Don’t procrastinate.
This is one of these rare occasions, that you should put down whatever you’re doing and watch those videos right away.

They’re THAT good.

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