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I’ve posted about Rapid Actions Profit (RAP) script a few times before. I use it and am very satisfied about this all-round ecommerce system.

One of the beautiful things about RAP is its modular structure. Like WordPress and all of its plugins. RAP, like WordPress, is the basic module and the add-on’s are the RAP plugins. So, if you don’t need an add-on, there’s no reason to buy one.

The basic system of Rapid Action Profits on itself is very powerful. Read the features. I’m a happy user.

But the add-on’s are very powerful too!
Now there are two new ones from which you can profit tremendously: Paypal Subscriptions and Members Plus.

RAP Membership Script

I’m not going to get into the exhaustive features which are fully listed on their product’s website, but what I am going to do is touch on it’s power, capability and flexibility for a moment by listing them brute force!

This is BY FAR my EARLY Christmas Gift!
Make it yours too! Be one of the first 250 today!

Think about how many membership sites out there are being created and used to create residual traffic. But you also might know that creating membership sites and the sales system to support it are very complex and require most to have an advanced degree in computer science!

These add-on’s make your life easy:

  • Fully flexible, scalable, extendible architecture in the membership site itself.
  • Exclusive protection of not only your content within your site but *** ALSO *** ability to protect your WordPress site, blog, or other secure areas, by just adding 3 lines of code – and NO complex .htaccess/code to use on your server!
  • Extendibile Membership Site architecture allows you to put your own .php code, widgets, gadgets, content, and I’ve literally been non-stop thinking of how many different ways you could use this Membership Plus Add-On that it boggles the mind!
  • You can use it to create your own Giveaway products… which auto-enters a transaction into the sales table for future use in your emailing your members/customers of your Giveaway.
  • Comes complete with AJAX functionality for the Administration area, with convenient ‘one-click’ member features such as – “auto-login”, “password-recovery”, and (oh yeah) ‘one-click’ overriding access for a member (unlock/lock), and much more.
  • No tweaking code, buying 3 pieces of software to do the work of one 5 minute setup!
  • All built upon the highly scalable, dynamic, template driven sales system within RapidActionProfits.

Guess what? Works with WordPress perfectly!

Now, I must be honest with you and tell you that I haven’t installed the add-on’s myself yet.
And normally I wouldn’t endorse them until I have used them, but this is a bit of a time-sensitive situation. You see, I KNOW RAP (use it myself) and I do know Sid Hale, its creator. Reason enough to publish this post as I know Sid will go out of his way to help anyone using his script.

But there’s more. There’s a time limited offer to get all of the scripts for a low price. I don’t know for how long this offer will last -honestly, no marketing trick-, but I don’t want to take the risk of ending it before I am able to test the scripts. Hence, this ‘early’ post.

Check this membership package out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
If you already own RAP, then use this link to get the add-on’s only.

And if you are clueless about setting up membership sites, check out J.D. Swansons flipping membership sites videos here. Again -no marketing trick- I don’t know when he pulls these outstanding videos, so be quick.
EDIT: JD pulled that video, sorry.

Let me know what you think.
Post your comments below.

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  1. Strida says:

    I have heard about it on various forums all throughout the net.I am already considering flipping website but I dont know how to construct membership sites.

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