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Famous copywriter “Sir Gary of Halbert” is publishing his Boron letters.

Gary says:

“During my forced vacation at “Club Fed” (Boron Federal Prison Camp) I wrote what is very likely the most important book anyone in America will ever read.
It is also probably the most… valuable… book anyone will ever read.”

I do not know these letters (yet), but I will read every one of them.
As I always read every Gary Halbert letter.
Not only are they very educational, they’re fun to read too.

I strongly recommend you to do the same, because you will learn a lot!

You can find these letters at

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
If you like to receive newletters announcements, sign up at the right.

To read the newsletters, click at the left.
You will be send to a new page containing little envelopes.
Each envelope contains one newsletter.

To put the Boron letters into the right perspective, find the
“The Dark Side Of Success” envelope and read that one first.

Then you are ready for the Boron letters.
The first one is posted at the top of the page.

Have fun!


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