Digg It – 8 Digg Tactics For More Traffic

Digg is an important social media site (http://www.digg.com).

People visiting Digg can discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet, submitted by other Internet users.

They can even vote and comment on submitted links and stories. If you vote for a story, then that’s called a Digg. Voting against a story is a Bury. This is the cornerstone of Digg.

So, if you think you have something interesting to share, you can Digg It. And if your Digg makes it to the home page, you’ll get a lot of traffic from it. And that makes Digg interesting for marketers.

However, not that many Diggs make it to the home page.
So, to get the most out of your submitted content, I’ll list 8 Digg tactics to get you more traffic. Here goes.

  1. Do not Digg every single thing you see. By Digging every little posting, you look less legitimate, and you’re giving certain people more credit than they actually deserve. The goal is to Digg content that is relevant and well put together, not just everyone’s postings.
  2. Submit a good amount of posts, but don’t overdo it. Some people will submit so much content every day that they overload the website and their profile. It’s not a attractive habit, and it can make people leery. Instead, only post a few, select things per day.
  3. Avoid spamming people with keywords. They are very important, but too many of one particular thing can drive people away almost instantly. Savvy users know spam when they see it, so DON’T DO IT!
  4. Do not make baseless claims. If you post some topics or information, do not make promises you cannot keep. It’s never a good idea to sound like a salesman or make pitches for things people may not want. Instead, entice them to your site to make a purchase with relevant content.
  5. Be open. The users of Digg are pretty open, honest, and out there when it comes to how they feel about things. If you do not like something, don’t feel like you cannot express it. Just do so with a bit of discretion so you are not bashing people or businesses to the point of no return.
  6. Look for the power users of the site, and then be friends with them. This is a huge help to you because others will see that you’re associated with them, and it will help you get much more exposure in the long run.
  7. Keywords are very important. Just like any articles or information on your website, keywords are what get peoples’ attention, so think some through and then use them in your posting title and in your content.
  8. Relevant content is important, and currently topics like the environment, science, breaking news, politics, technology, and comedy are hot topics. Use these in relation to your business somehow, so that people will want to know more.

There you have it. Eight tactics to use Digg.
And if you want to connect in Digg, just Add Me To Your Friends.

But that’s not all. I even have another 42 tips, all to get as much Digg traffic as you want.
You can get all 50 by just subscribing to my newsletter. After you’ve confirmed your subscription, you can download All 50 high-powered tactics on using Digg for your business.

If you’re not familiar with Digg, these tactics will short-cut your success! Implement any of these tactics to see bigger results!

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After reading these 50 high-powered Digg tactics let me know what you think about them.
Post your comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Digg It – 8 Digg Tactics For More Traffic

  1. Digg losing its value to new users. If you observe closely then you can understand Digg not for new blogger or webmasters. The front page contain only articles from well known sites. I yet not see a single article from upcoming site in Digg front page in my a year long blogging career. However, Digg is a good platform for new blogger to get some traffic but for good amount of long run traffic, search engine is always best.

  2. John at pink mobile phones says:

    I think marketing using Digg can be very difficult. Of course there are the blackhat guys that pay for Diggs in the hope of making it to the front page for something that generally won’t be worthy of being there, but everyone else will struggle to make it.
    The Digg community will notice a thinly-veiled sales attempt quite easily. The only stories that make it are most likely going to be highly relevant to a major event (disaster, celeb gossip etc) and either provide real value to people reading them or are incredibly amusing.

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks for the Digg tips, I learned a few tricks. I also get a lot of traffic from Stumbleupon, I have had a lot of success with them. As well as Digg.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have been using digg for about a year now. not to many people digg my post. I think some of the tips are no brainers but the last few are good tips. especially six. i never really thought to friend with the power users. good tips thanks for the post

  5. Digg It says:

    In a perfect world, interesting content would be all that it takes to become popular on Digg.The power users, the people who use Digg the most, are the influencers. They aren’t hard to find, go to the front page and start checking out some profiles.

  6. Case Stevens says:

    It’s difficult, yes. But if you don’t try, you won’t know.
    Besides that, looking at the home page of Digg will give you great ideas for good headlines that have made the cut. Very educational!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I normally add good profile friends in Digg It. I found this is also one of the best way for increasing traffic & help to make good profile. From your post i found some other interesting way to increase the traffic.
    thanks for sharing this idea.

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