Copy That Gets Your Customer’s Attention

In order to get your customer’s attention, you’ll need copy that stirs emotion and make people buy right now. If there’s one secret in copywriting then this is it…

“98% of all human beings buy products or services emotionally
and then justify those purchases logically.”

You see we are emotional creatures.
We think emotionally, act emotionally and make decisions emotionally. If you ask your spouse why they bought that new coat they will say, “I need it!”, of course.

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And that’s why, if you want your customer’s attention, you better make sure you hit peoples emotional buttons they’ll buy and buy like crazy!

Miguel Alvarez of just published a report called Aim For The Heart. In it, he explains it this way:

To get your customer’s attention, first you decide the angle of attack. Depending on the product you’re selling, you choose your emotional strategy.

Once you got that, then the question is how to convey the message. After all, not everyone likes the same features and benefits and no single person talks the same way you do. So, we’re looking for the right communication style.

To do just that, Miguel uses the DISC formula.

As for the copywriting process itself, he uses the AIDA formula, but with a twist to add emotional triggers.

For the most part, this report is standard copywriting stuff. But his Workshop in Chapter 5 is outstanding. Well worth to be added to your swipe file. Get your copy here.

I prefer to stick with my own copywriting resource: The Copywriters Toolkit. Packed with valuable copywriting info.

But when it comes to emotional selling, there are some Hot Buttons you can push to get your customer’s attention. The trouble is this crucial information is scattered about and difficult to find.

So when I came across “22 Secret Hot Buttons – that make customers spend money like crazy!”, I snapped up the rights instantly. Outstanding Ebook!

Among a lot of other things, it shows you
– how to create that “gotta have it” feeling in your customer’s mind,
– how to tap into their “primal” buying emotions,
– how to instantly bond with your readers,
– the 9 Basic Needs of People in the 21st Century to quickly sell your product or service in a snap,
– how to avoid the customer’s “B.S. Meter” when it comes to your claims and immediately put their minds at ease.
– to add 104 Consumer Magnets that will drive consumers wild with desire and catapult them into action … BUYING action.

It also comes with 4 bonus reports:
– Killer Conversion Strategies
– How To Market Using Postcards
– Unstoppable Marketing Words
– How To Create News & Press Releases

These 22 secret hot buttons are critical to your success. They enable you to get your customer’s attention immediately and permanent.
I want you to have access to these secrets – they’re your ticket to vastly increased profits.
Please use them ethically!

Download your copy of “22 Secret Hot Buttons” right now.
Implement them. They’re powerful.

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9 thoughts on “Copy That Gets Your Customer’s Attention

  1. Cha | Lawn Care Business for Sale says:

    Really promising post. Yes I am agree with you that sometimes people purchase some products emotionally.

  2. Infinity says:

    This goes some way to explain why models are used when selling products on the TV. I guess the “attractive” and “aspire” factors come into it when your watching adverts. The other thing is that some people are so desperate, they subconciously believe that if they buy certain products, there life will change to that of the people they see on the ads.

  3. Rogerio says:

    look I think that the mode of sale is the best in the emotional influence of the client, however, is the issue of lack of confidence of people with purchases on the Internet

  4. Michael says:

    That’s right, Emotions play an important part in making purchases. That’s why offering value added services or discounted prices or limited time offers make big sales. Customer is more than happy to get discounts and may not think logical if he needs the product acutally…Don’t they purchase Kitchen items, Show Items and many such things that they dont even use much later?


  5. addy says:

    People don’t care if you need to make payroll, even if you have a hundred different diplomas or are the most popular person in town. They only buy because of a benefit that your business provides.

  6. Jacques says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. This is especially important when creating a landing page or when you want to give the visitor some motivation to click on you add. Brilliant. Keep up the good work.

  7. Faye says:

    I completely agree with this article. To get your customers to buy, his emotions, whether
    it is fear, insecurity, joy, etc. has to be triggered. So your copy has to employ every
    means necessary to touch your customer emotionally to lure him to buy your product whether he needs it or not. It’s very seldom that logic comes into play first before emotions.


  8. David says:

    I take full enjoy when i read this post It was a good way to present it. It is a great job of painting the emotion go into getting the customer’s attention.


  9. Portland Web Design says:

    As an amateur copywriter, I’m always looking to improve my skills – thanks for the link to Miguel’s treasure chest! I struggle with the B.S. meter, personally. From listening to so many ineffective ads over the years my first drafts usually come straight from the dairy – cheesy or straight from the manure đŸ™‚

    I think that creating a time constraint is my most successful tactic – where the offer expires after a certain date. I wrote a few lines on creating an effective call to action as well – see my blog and search for ‘call to action.’

    -Tony Kau

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