9 Customer Service Principles Essential for Any Business

How do you apply your customer service principles in practice? Did you even list your principles?

Customer service is paramount for every business, whether it´s online or offline. That´s why customer service principles are so important.

The customer is king for a company and to keep him happy and satisfied is the main aim of any solvent business. So how do you organize your company customer care services in such a manner that this all important goal is met?

You follow a set of essential customer service principles which allows you to keep your customer satisfied with the minimal of fuss.

1. Commitment – is required to serve the customer well at all levels. You need top management, middle management and supervisors to be just as committed as the actual individuals who come in touch with the client.

2. Credibility – a man’s word can make or break his personality. If the man delivers on his promises consistently his credibility increases over a period of time and so does his reputation. With a company it is no different. The credibility needs to be built by building trust with the customers.

3. Culture – the customer service ethos needs to be a built-in part of the company culture. The fact is that no company can survive without their customers and it needs to be driven into the heads of all employees of the company. Without any customers the company and their means of employment will not exist.

4. Competency – of the staff play an important role in keeping a good customer service ethos. The staff that is chosen during recruitment should fit in with the company’s vision. They should then be trained in the way the company does business and be assessed doing the job at frequent intervals. That way the staff of the company stays competent.

5. Responsibility – is the key. There must be one consistent authority within the company who is responsible for all customer service issues. There needs to be a clear head to approach within the company who is entitled to take decisions instantly in given customer issues.

6. Resources – are vital. No one can work without the right tools. Imagine sewing a button on a shirt without a needle. It can’t be done. So what the company needs to ensure is that there are always adequate resources available for the policies to be followed effectively.

7. Quality – as long as your product and service provides the customer with consistent quality there is little to fear. However a constant effort must be made to give the customers relevant inputs and review their reactions to hone your company systems.

8. Feedback – while the feedback from customers is important there is one aspect of feedback most companies tend to neglect. That is the collection of feedback from the employees who are dealing with the customers. There is so much your own staff can tell you if you would just care to listen.

9. Continual Improvement – is required to meet and exceed the expectations of the customer. The identification and management of all customer service issues is what helps the company to grow not just its customer base but also its reputation and profits.

So, what´s your take on customer service principles?
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4 thoughts on “9 Customer Service Principles Essential for Any Business

  1. Dan says:

    I can’t stress how big feedback is. So many companies forget to actually listen to what their customers are saying. Feedback is huge when it comes to having successful customer service.

  2. Angel Roque says:

    For people like me who have been in customer service for the longest time, this is a must read and a refresher insight to those that are getting burned out. Customer service is easy because you sell yourself as the company. Bad customer service reflects poorly on the company so who loses in the end?

  3. talha says:

    I agree with Dan
    because he is completely right. For any kind of business customer satisfaction is the basic criteria ,poorer services gives a business a bad feedback rather than it will be opposite if the services is very good. not only service but also response is a big factor for successful businessman .

  4. Robert says:

    I think most of these tips work for small home businesses as well. Since I’m just starting out I find it very difficult to receive feedback.
    I know social networks are a good place for feedback so I’ve joined a few.
    I’ve noticed a lot of companies show up on social networks where it’s easier to interact with their customers. That translates to better understanding of the products and customers’ needs which helps for further development and commercial campaigns.
    In modern times “communication” is the key word and business owners understand it very well.
    Now that internet is available almost anywhere and people can connect with each other with a few simple clicks, the communication channel between companies and customers is wide open.
    And the best part about social networks is that customers can communicate to each other thus promoting a great business or degrading a bad one.

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