The Revenge of the Customer Loyalty Zombie

Customer loyalty is not created by over-delivering on all products, personally calling customers after the sale, sending out snail mail thank-you and holiday cards, offering loyalty points or customer discounts… etc. Check, check, check.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Do you want to create such fierce customer loyalty that your customers are super-glued to you?

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Then make your customer’s loyalty public.

Not only does increase customer loyalty, it also spurs new sales by creating “social proof” that you run a great business, have a hot product, etc.

The obvious super-glue is to have your customer’s provide public testimonials that you post on your site with their full name and perhaps even their picture.

One of my mentors did that to me a few years back, and it worked. I’m fiercely loyal. I’m on public record as saying that my mentor’s product rocks, so how could I go anywhere else?

Again, that’s the obvious route. You can go for the less obvious.

For example, let’s suppose you sell a hardcopy book or other physical product. Have a photo gallery on your site featuring fun photos that somehow incorporate your product.

Maybe someone will take your product on vacation. Maybe someone else will photoshop your product into famous pictures. Imagine a silly photoshopped pic of Prince Charles reading your book!

It’s fun. It creates viral traffic.
And yes, it creates customer loyalty when the artist’s full name is listed alongside their photo.

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