Creative Unsubscribe Tactics for Better List Building

Agencies, across the globe, stress on list building but somehow ignore the process to unsubscribe.

The harder a user finds to unsubscribe the more odds to be marked as spam.

Now, none of us would want our brand to be marked as spam.

Moreover, allowing the freedom to unsubscribe easily provokes the user to subscribe in future, which is excellent way of branding and building trust.

Making the unsubscribe process short and easy is the trick.

Below are some ways to avoid being marked as spam and get things really working with your list.

  1. Requesting reply with ‘Unsubscribe’ in Subject:
    The most annoying emails are those, which demand for a reply to unsubscribe. Marketers should perceive that users receive several mails. Furthermore, other marketers might have used the same strategy to unsubscribe, frustrating the user more.

    Users cannot reply every mail to unsubscribe. Eventually readers, in such instances, have the only way; hitting the spam button.
    Personally, I receive loads of such emails. Without a second thought, I reach for the spam button, as I know these marketers do not want me to unsubscribe from their list easily.

  2. Demanding a Login:
    Another strategy despised by users; requesting login to be unsubscribed.
    Hardly will people login to unsubscribe and marketers knew it very well. These are lame practices to ensure users have a hard time to unsubscribe. Although such practices might decrease the rate at which users unsubscribe the rate of emails, being marked as spam will spike by adhering to such practices.

    unsubscribe tactics

    I tried unsubscribing from Survey Savvy. Unfortunately, they required users to be logged in to unsubscribe. Naturally, I took the easiest way out; marked their mail as spam.

  3. Requesting a Feedback:
    A user while unsubscribing is the perfect moment to get feedback. Give them options and ask the reason to unsubscribe. This will allow tweaking of emails in future.
    Moreover, ensure that you have provided a bunch of possible options to provide feedback. If you have allowed easy route to unsubscribe then feedback will always be made available.

    unsubscribe tactics feedback

    A typical example is BigFishGames. Upon a click I was immediately unsubscribed and later taken to a feedback page as show in the below screenshot. The options within the feedback are tailored in such a way as to ensure that the user gets the right sort of email next time.

  4. Allow Management of Subscription:
    When a user opts in for email subscription, it is common for the user to be added on relevant lists. A little later, the user might fret upon finding some impertinent emails. In such cases, the user wishes to opt out of certain mails.

    Therefore, allow the management of subscription when users opt to unsubscribe. Another best practice is to include ‘manage subscription’ as a separate option in every email.

    unsubscribe tactics: manage subscription

    Quickr an online free classified allows users to manage subscription as shown below. Users will only be grateful to such options.

  5. Do not hide the ‘Unsubscribe’ link:
    Most markets in their attempt to keep users enlisted hide the ‘unsubscribe’ link within the footer. If users wish to stay, they will stay. There is no point in trying to benefit from one who wishes to run away. Some of the best firms, in fact, always place the unsubscribe link to be visible fig.
  6. Confirmation Email when Unsubscribed:
    Always send a confirmation email when unsubscribed. This is to confirm the action of user. Moreover, within the confirmation email explain how the user can get back on the list. Such reminders apart from reminding will force the readers to subscribe again in future.

Follow these steps and your emails will never be marked as spam. Finally, you will get to reach your readers better than ever.

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