What do you use to create websites?

On her blog, Lynn Terry asks us “What do you use to create a website?“.

I was about to post a comment there, but it became a bit long, so I turned it into a post.

Of course I use WordPress sometimes to create websites.
This blog is an obvious one, but I also use them as content management system (CMS) without having them look like a blog. Without comments, because comments kill every attempt for search engine optimization on blogs.
Works great and results are satisfying.


…using WordPress as a CMS results in overhead here and there. Extra css files, plugins that add extra code and comments to the source, plugins that become redundant because of better alternatives, there’s always something to worry about.

The argument that search engines LOVE blogs is an overstatement. Search engines love fresh content and since that is generated on a lot of blogs, their chances to rank well in search engines, on average, are better than those from static sites.


Content First
Photo Credit: Andrew Mason

…I’m convinced that frequently adding content to a static site delivers the same results.

Of course WordPress has other advantages, like feeds. Every time content is added, a fully automated process spreads the word about that through the Net using ping services. Hmhm. True. I’ll get back to that in a moment.

Because I think a static site can do better than a WordPress site!

The only condition is that it must have clean code and a simple, yet highly effective internal linking structure.

Back in the previous century I learned HTML. You know, tables, fonts, meta tags, the whole shebang. And I experimented a lot with different website designs. Along the way I added CSS to my sites and made them error free, so the source code is clean. A long learning curve.

The most important thing I’ve learned in all these years is that the source code should be clean, because that’s what the search engines are able to read AND that the main content should be on top of the source code.

Most websites, including WordPress, have too much clutter on top of their source code, including all kind of menu’s. The content is hidden somewhere in that source.

Not in my website template. Content is always as far to the top as possible.

Other features of my template are an XML sitemap that can be used by the search engines. But it also contains an HTML sitemap that can be used by visitors. OR… by the search engines and that’s exactly what I’m using it for.

It even has an RSS feed. Works a bit different than usual, but it does the trick. I told you above I would get back to that WordPress advantage. My template has it too!

The only thing that doesn’t work automagically is pinging, but there’s an easy solution for that. I just go to PingOMatic, submit my RSS feed to have it pinged and create a bookmark. Next time, one button push will do the trick.

That’s how I create websites Lynn.

Get them up and running in 5 minutes (development of unique graphics excluded).
Then I just put in a title, a good description and the body of the text, upload and presto…
another page ready.
The only difference with blogs is, that I use TextPad or any other text processor.

Here’s an example: Healthy Food.
Created it 2 days ago. Works in 5 minutes, including Adsense.

So how about you dear reader?
What do you use to create websites?
Post your comments below.

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10 thoughts on “What do you use to create websites?

  1. Tracy says:

    I actually created my own PHP code that is fairly simple. Then for each new site I only need to apply a new stylesheet to make it appear different, then add new content via the CMS. There is hardly any excess junk in the code and it seems to index nicely.

  2. Camille says:

    I’m using HomeSite for all my sites, only the first one was created in notepad 🙂

    it’s almost 10 years already and nothing can beat it.

    and for dynamic sites php script, it use wordpress templates, add comments (my own) and new posts in time frame Ive setuped
    Ive spend for it $4k, but its worth every penny

  3. Borgz says:

    I’m currently creating a website using WordPress. I find it quite difficult in creating php codes. The codes are really different compared when using blogger.

  4. Ginger Dailey says:

    I still create all my websites in Dreamweaver even though the software is not exaclty “cheap”. Over the years I have learned a great deal about HTML, CSS and others but without the help of Dreamweaver I don’t think I could ever really do a good job. I agree however that wordpress and other blogger platforms are awesome. I just tend to download the stuff into Dreamweaver to help me make adjustments. Silly, I know.
    My motivational speaker site was done with CSS and dreamweaver. But my keynote speaker blog was done with WordPress. I would like to learn more about working with wordpress and PHP. Great topic thanks.

  5. Homestays in jaipur says:

    I am much comfortable on dot net frame work for blog writing i always use wordpress

  6. kritinia says:

    hi and thanks for the article!

    wordpress is my first choice both for blog and cms
    silvestripe is my second
    joomla and drupal would be third but i dont use them anymore.

    when it comes to static contect, i use dreamweaver

  7. gashaard says:

    I’ve used dreamweaver, joomla, wordpress, frontpage… a lot of different programs. Now, I stick mostly to wordpress. For niche sites and very simple sites I use… dare I say it… blogger. I just slap on a simple blogger blog and get going. Always better than not putting up anything at all.

  8. Shaun says:

    The best combination that worked for me is WP with a simple theme. After trying diff platforms and suffering I realized that WP works the best. Some default plugins are a must. Rest the site is ready in 10 mins!

  9. Gill says:

    Help ! This post is timely. I have a classic website using Joomla but I have some other biz ideas that I think would work better with a blog so thought of using WordPress and setting up static pages. However I want to include a forum and a community as well – would this work on WordPress or would Joomla be better ? in which case can I add a blog .. I’m not a techie at all.

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