10 Year Old Child Creates Website In 7 Minutes

If you don’t have a website, read on.

And if you already have one, but want to increase your online presence in a flash this may be for you.

You see, there’s a new tool out there allowing you to create a website in only minutes. Now, there’s no excuse for not being on the Net anymore.

This service is provided by Google and it’s called Google Pages.

I’ve tried it and it works like charm.
I’ve showed it to my 10 year old daughter, and she was able to create a page too. Took her 7 minutes (ok, I’ll admit: she followed a touch-type course)

My primary goal for trying this was to see how easy it was for anyone to create a website. I’ll tell you, if even a 10 year old kid can do this, YOU can do it too!

Second thing that came into my mind was, that it absolutely can’t hurt your Google search engine rankings and website popularity if you use a Google service to create a site. Therefore I’ve put some links in my home page to my other sites.

I found this very interesting. You can read more at:

Go there now. It could mean profits.
And please, let me know what you think about this.

Case Stevens

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