Facebook for a Business – 2: Create Facebook Page

Now that we know how to profit from Facebook for a business, let’s discuss today how you can create a Facebook page for your business.

First, let’s clear any confusion about personal and business pages on Facebook.

In the past you weren’t able to create a business page on Facebook without establishing a personal account first.

That is not necessary anymore.
In terms of creating accounts for business purposes, Facebook became more flexible. Which has helped separating your personal pictures and information from your business and certainly made it easier than ever to build a professional business presence.

And that separation is essential.
Because it’s a proven fact that business can better convey their messages in a page, rather than a profile. The latter are intended for individuals, while pages are perfect for businesses, organizations and professional services.
Therefore a Facebook page would better be called a Business Page.

It’s easy to set one up. All you have to do is go to Facebook and create one.
Just follow the steps provided and if you need help you can visit Facebook’s help center for the answers to your questions and more detailed instructions.

For business it is best to start with a page straight away rather than converting your profile to a page later on as this is a more strenuous task on your part later on.

To get started, you will have to go to Facebook and create a page. Always use Official Page and Create a Page for a Local business.

You will then be asked to provide a page name and whether you are the official representative of this business. Please read their terms at least once, so you won’t have your account deactivated for violating their rules later on.
Be careful not to mix your personal account with your page, as Facebook is quite strict about multiple accounts.

Next, answer all the basic questions on your Facebook page such as the business background, short history, store locations and contact numbers exhaustively, as this will add more believability to your Business Page .

The rest is fairly easy to do, just follow the steps provided. It IS wise to create a good logo, so visitors will recognize your business immediately. Upload it to your Business Page.

Facebook offers detailed instructions and they can answer most of your question in their help center.

If you have any questions left or need more help, here’s a resource that shows you specific sales strategies that let you harness the power of Business Pages!

A fantastic feature of a Facebook page are the traffic statistics that are displayed to you as an administrator. They make it easy to evaluate traffic and account activity.

When engaging customers to promos, you can also just as easily check whether these promotions generate good traffic to your page and to the overall sales. You can’t do that with a normal profile page.

And the page’s Like Button is another advantage. It gives you an indication of the popularity of your Business Page. In contrast to a ‘normal profile page’, where there’s a limit of 5,000 friends, there are no limits to the numbers of Likes on your Business Page.

The most important aspect of a Facebook Page is professionalism.
To gather the respect and admiration of your visitors, you must always make sure to have an updated and enthusiastic page.
You may be tempted to make the page more fun and interactive than necessary, but the bottom line is to focus on building a brand. Every wall post published should move towards an image of professionalism despite the website’s easily casual manner.

Well, that’s how you create a Facebook page.

Watch out for the next post soon. In there, we will discuss how Facebook can help you attract new customers.

Meanwhile post your comments below.
Did you create a Facebook page and what are your experiences?

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11 thoughts on “Facebook for a Business – 2: Create Facebook Page

  1. Solihull says:

    Thanks, good post.

    In terms of Analytics, Facebook provides a better level of detail than other social networks for business, and functionality-wise it offers a lot more too. It can be a powerful internet marketing tool if used in the right way.

  2. Terry says:

    How do you get people to like your page if you are new to facebook in general? We are an optometry practice, and we started trying to find our patients to friend them (and, oh, what a frustrating task that is!), and then suggesting that they like our business page. Is there a better way to go about doing this?

    • Case Stevens says:

      Stay tuned, that topic is coming up.
      Meanwhile I really would change your home page to have it load FAST. As it is now, it takes way too long to load.

  3. Natan says:

    The subject of using Facebook as a way to increase a site’s awareness is something that I’ve been considering doing for a while now. I’ve mostly avoided social media as a way to market, thinking a lot of it is over-saturated with spam or affiliate offers.. and also because I never created any familiarity around it. Right now, I’m doing a case-study based around a friend’s marketing program and I discussed traffic sources that I’d like to explore and social media is an option. Thank you for putting together a great string of pages surrounding Facebook and I look forward to reading more in the coming weeks. If you have some time, feel free to drop by my site to say hello. I’m hoping to turn my site into a real online community for marketers.

  4. I have been using Facebook Fan Page and so far so good. I just started a month ago and I already have 500 likes and counting. I started with some friends and they helped me reach my target market. It is a great way to do internet marketing without breaking the budget. I love Facebook and the many things I can do with it.

  5. Salwar Kameez says:

    I haven’t really understood how to get people to LIKE your fan page.. simply because if we do not do face book ad campaign, there is no exposure of our website whatsoever to new people, unless they visit your profile. I am yet to understand the strategy. The power of facebook if harnessed properly can not only increase your ranking in SERPS but also gets you direct targetted traffic.

  6. Jenny says:

    I am able to create a facebook page for my customers from your help and its working wonders for me. Thanks a lot for the help.


  7. ledfloodlight says:

    I am able to create a facebook page for my customers from your help and its working wonders for me. Thanks a lot for the help.

  8. Counsel says:

    One of the primary reasons for launching Facebook Pages was that many companies were using user profiles for their companies, in turn violating Facebook’s terms of service. While I’m sure there were many other reasons for launching Pages, the easiest way to understand them is through viewing them as “Profiles for Brands”. This means brand pages can essentially do everything that users can do. 🙂

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