+1% Conversion Rate = 500% More Profits

Today you and I HAVE to talk about conversion rates and more profits. Yes, HAVE and I’ll show you why in a minute.

But first let me explain why improving your conversion rates is so important with respect to more profits. Maybe you are aware of this already, but I just LOVE to write this. Every time I think about this I see the magic. You should see that too!

And don’t bother about the details -if necessary, use your own-, this is just an example to show you what exactly happens.

Suppose you have a $50 product and it costs you, one way or the other, $40 to get 100 prospects to look over your sales process.
Suppose, of these 100 visitors, 1% buys your product. The result of such a transaction is $50 revenue, $40 expenses and $10 profits, right?

Now here comes the magic!

Conversion Rates and Profits
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Imagine, that by making minor changes to your sales process, whatever they are, you are able to get 2 sales per 100 visitors. What happens then?
You just made $100, expenses still are $40, so your profits now are $60 instead of $10!

To put that into perspective:

that’s 500% More Profit!
for a simple 1% conversion rate increase

See that?


That is why it is so important to test and tweak your sales process.

Now, the question is: how to increase your conversion rate?

There are so many resources available on the Net. Some tell about testing headlines, others about first paragraphs, images, colors, you know the drill.

But there’s almost nobody who explains the whole process.
And the most important influence on your conversion rate is hardly discussed (and it’s NOT your sales page!).

Enter Paul Hancox.

Let me immediately confess that I’m biased when talking about this marketer. I’m one of his greatest fans.
I bought his first split testing software, which was awesome and therefore also bought his latest and I have his ‘Small Changes, Big Profits’ manual available at my finger tips.
If he offers something, I’ll buy.
Cause he’s good. Damned good!

And that’s no wonder.
Because Paul worked in the direct sales (face-to-face) area where order values ran into the thousands of dollars per sale and the conversion rate of sales to appointments was typically 20% to 40%.

And that got him thinking: “How is it that a $7,000 product can be sold face to face with a 20% to 40% conversion rate, and yet so many people are struggling to achieve even 1% or 2% (let alone 10%!) on the Internet?”

The answer was very simple. Paul explains:

“…the direct sales company for which I worked had a much better grasp of the psychology of marketing and selling, than many people marketing on the Internet!”

Paul wrote a report about that, very moderately titled: “The Secrets Of A 10% Conversion Rate”.
In it, he shares his experiences and ‘secrets’, which will allow you too to achieve such conversion rates.

I’m reading it, right now.
Haven’t finished yet, cause this ‘report’ is well over 100 pages!

Now, read this carefully -and let me emphasize that I don’t make a cent writing this-:

This is a MUST HAVE!

If you’re interested in increasing your profits, you should get a copy.
Now, I could send you over to Paul Hancox’s special Warrior offer, but…,

… Paul sold a couple of resale rights to great marketers.

Copywriter Michel Fortin is one of them.
Paul Myers is another (if you don’t know him yet, check out the newsletter issue that he put online as a test and subscribe!).

Check them out.

At the moment of writing this, Paul Myers offers this ten percent gem for next to nothing (sorry Michel), but knowing Mr. Myers a bit, that won’t last long.

Anyway, I don’t care where you get your copy. Pick your personal favorite.
Just GET IT!

Honestly, if you’re in the ‘make money online’ business, this is one of the best recommendations you will ever get.

Get your copy right now and let me know what you think of it.
Post your comments below.

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  1. Case Stevens says:

    Great going Mark.
    Please let us know what you think about it.

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Yes, one of the best books available online. As is Paul’s other book ‘Small Changes, Big Profits’.
    Both let you make more profits than anyone else.

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